Man pages for FreeSortR
Free Sorting Data Analysis

AromaSortAroma sorting data
AromaTermsAroma data (verbalisation by 31 subjects)
ConsensusPartitionConsensus of Partitions
DescriptionPartitionDescription of a partition
DissimilDissimilarities between stimuli
DissTotOverall Dissimilarities between stimuli.
FreeSortR-packageAnalysis of free sorting data.
getConfigGets the Mds configuration.
getPartitionGets the partitions.
getPercentGets the percentages of variance
getStressGets the stress value
MdsDimChoiceComputation of the stress of Mds solution
MdsDissMds of a dissimilarity matrix
MdsSortMds of sorting data
nGroupsNumber of groups given by the subjects
plotMdsPlot of the configuration of Mds
plotTermsPlot of the terms used during verbalisation step
RandIndexRand Index between partitions
ReadSortFileRead a file of free sorting data
SortingMds-classClass 'SortingMds'
SortingPartitionCreates an object of class 'SortingPartition'
SortingPartition-classClass 'SortingPartition'
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