Man pages for GMSE
Generalised Management Strategy Evaluation Simulator

age_landAge landscape
anecdotalAnecdotal model
be_hunterBecome a hunter on the landscape
case01plotPlot results for density-based or mark-recapture sampling
case23plotPlot results for transect-based sampling
chapman_estChapman estimator of mark-recapture
count_agent_cellsCount the number of owned cells of each agent
dens_estDensity estimator of resource abundance
gmseGMSE simulation
gmse_applyGMSE apply function
gmse_apply_summarygmse_apply results summary
gmse_guiGMSE GUI function
gmse_replicatesgmse replicate simulations
gmse_summarygmse results summary
gmse_tableGMSE table results
ind_to_landPlot resource position on a landscape image output
make_agentsAgent initialisation
make_costsCOST initialisation
make_interaction_arrayInitialise array of resource and landscape-level...
make_interaction_tableInitialise array of resource and landscape-level...
make_landscapeLandscape initialisation
make_resourceResource initialisation
make_utilitiesUtility initialisation
managerManager model
manager_user_budgetsManager and user budgets
observationObservation model
owner_land_ssaOwner land SSA
plot_gmse_effortPlot the effort made by each user for each action
plot_gmse_resultsPlot the results of a gmse simulation
rec.nR data for recruitment used in SI4 vignette
resourceResource model
ssb.nR data for spawning stock biomass used in SI4 vignette
userUser model
utility_layerUtility layer for initialisation.
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