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gmse_apply_summaryR Documentation

gmse_apply results summary


Summarise gmse_apply() output


gmse_apply_summary(data, output = NULL, include = NULL)



The full list as returned by the gmse function.


An existing gmse_apply_summary output structure to append to. This should be a matrix with number of columns equal to the length of 'include'. If NULL, a matrix with a single row with just the summary of given 'data' gmse_apply() output is returned.


A character vector listing which gmse_apply values should be reported/summarised. Currently allowable values are "res","obs","culls","scares","castrations","feeds","helps","tend_crops", "kill_crops","cull_cost","scare_cost", and "yield". Note that for all actions and yield, the statistic returned is the sum across users; for cull_cost and scare_cost the returned values are the mean costs across users. Can be NULL; if so, if 'output' is also NULL, all possible values are returned. If 'output' is not NULL, only the values already present in 'ouput' are returned, in the same column order.


A matrix of gmse_apply values, summarised.


## Not run: 
sim_old <- gmse_apply(get_res = "Full", scaring = FALSE, 
land_ownership = TRUE);
gmse_apply_summary(data = sim_old, include = c("res","obs","culls","yield"))

## End(Not run)

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