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GMSE table results


The gmse_table function takes results created from simulations of the gmse and concatenates key results from a large list into a more manageable data table.


gmse_table(gmse_sim, hide_unused_options = TRUE, all_time = TRUE)



The output of a 'gmse' simulation.


Whether or not to hide results from policy options when creating the resulting table. If 'TRUE' (default), then policy and user actions that are not allowed in a simulation will not be placed as columns. If 'FALSE', then these columns will be placed with values of 'NA'.


Whether or not results from each time step from the simulation should be individually placed as a row in the resulting table ('TRUE' by default). If 'FALSE', then only the last row will be placed.


A table with one or more rows of results, each of which indicates a unique 'gmse' simulation for a given time step. Columns represent key simulation including resource densities, observation estimates, policy, and user actions.


## Not run: 
sim       <- gmse(time_max = 10);
sim_table <- gmse_table(gmse_sim = sim);

## End(Not run)

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