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Based on the predicted model, cure rate and survival probabilities are calculated for a new individual with specific covariate values. The new.x specifies the covariate vector of the survival part and the new.z specifies that in the cure rate part. If no values are specified, zeros will be used and the baseline survival probabilities are returned.


## S3 method for class 'GORMC'
predict(object, ...)



An object from the function GORMC.


Other argumetns including new.x and new.z. See details.


For a new subject, new.x and new.z correspond to the covariate vector in the survival part and the cure rate part. The first input of new.z is always 1 corresponding to the intercept. tp is an argument specifying the time points at which survival probabilities will be predicted. If no value specified for tp, a sequence of equally spaced time points from 0 to the largest observation time will be used and the total length of the sequence is defined by an argument len. The default value of len is 100.



Estimated cure rate of the new subject.


A data frame including the time points and survival probabilities.

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