Man pages for GSDA
Gene Set Distance Analysis (GSDA)

best.dist.corrBest Distance Correlattion
cat.distDistance for a Categorical Variable
dist.corrDistance Correlattion
gsdaGene-Set Distance Analsysis (GSDA)
GSDA-packageGene Set Distance Analysis (GSDA) gene set data for the AML and CML pathways
prep.gsdaGSDA Data Preparation
prep.msigdbPreparation of MSigDB for GSDA
print.bdcPrint Method for Best Distance Correlation
print.dcorPrint Method for Distance Correlation
print.gsda.resultPrint Method for GSDA Result
surv.distDistance of a Survival Endpoint
target.aml.clinClinical outcomes for AML TARGET Project
target.aml.exprRNA-seq expression from the AML TARGET project
uc.distU-centered Distance Matrix
U.centerU Centering
write.gsda.csv.fileWrite GSDA Result to a Comma Delimited File
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