Man pages for GeneticSubsetter
Identify Favorable Subsets of Germplasm Collections

CoreSetOptimizerSubset Optimization
CoreSetterGenotype Subsetting
CoreSetterCombinedGenotype Subsetting-Alternative Method
CoreSetterPolyGenotype Subsetting for Autopolyploids and Polymorphic...
GeneticSubsetterGenetic Subsetter
genotypesSample Barley Genotypes
genotypes.polySample Barley Genotypes
HETHeterozygosity Calculator
MatKinship Matrix Creator
MTKMTK calculator
MtkCalcMTK calculator (Depreciated)
PicCalcPIC Calculator (Depreciated)
SubsetterMTKGenotype Subsetting with PIC - Method One (Depreciated)
SubsetterPICGenotype Subsetting with PIC - Method One (Depreciated)
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