Man pages for GeneticTools
Collection of Genetic Data Analysis Tools

annotTrackExample Annotation Track
calcDistancesCalculate Distances Between Time Series
eQTLPerform an eQTL Analysis
genotDataSimulated Genotype Data
genotypePlotExpression Boxplots
getRegionsOIFilter Annotation File
gtfToBedExtract the Chromosomal Information Required in bed Format...
mdrPerform a MDR.
plot.eqtlPlot an eqtl Object
plot.mdrPlot an MDR Object
predict.mdrCalculates MDR Ensemble Classifier
print.eqtlPrint an eqtl Object
print.mdrPrint an mdr Object
realSNPsSimulated SNP Data
recodeDataRecode a Genotype Data Matrix.
summary.eqtlSummarize an eqtl Object
visTransVisualize trans-eQTL Results
XgeneSimulated Expression Data
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