Gmisc-package: Collection of functions for plotting relations, generating...

Description Awesome tables Some fancy plots Other stuff


This is a collection of functions that I've found useful in my research. The package is inspired by Frank Harrell's Hmisc package. The main focus is on tables, plots, and knitr-integration.

Awesome tables

The getDescriptionStatsBy is a straight forward function that aims at helping you to generate descriptive table stratified by different variables. In other words, the function returns everything you need for generating a Table 1 ready for publication. This function is accompanied by the describeMean, describeMedian, describeProp, and describeFactors functions.

The mergeDesc allows you to merge a set of outputs getDescriptionStatsBy into a htmlTable with the rgroup arguments automatically generated, see vignette("descriptives", package="Gmisc") for a detailed workflow description.

Some fancy plots

The transition plot function, transitionPlot, is for descriptive purposes. It tries to illustrate the size of change between one state and the next, i.e. a transition. This is basically a graph of based upon table(var1, var2).

The Singular value decomposition is a common method for reducing the number of variables. Unfortunately this compression can reduce the interpretability of the model. The getSvdMostInfluential function tries to remedy that by identifying the most influential elements from the V-matrix.

Other stuff

The insertRowAndKeepAttr simply adds a row while remembering all the attributes previously set by using the copyAllNewAttributes. The mergeLists tries to merge lists that do not have identical elements.

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