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Descriptive Statistics, Transition Plots, and More

alignAlign boxes
assertChecks if unit or number 0-1
bezierArrowGradientA bezier arrow with gradient
bezierArrowSmplA simple bezier arrow
boxCreate a box with text
boxPropGrobCreate a box with a color split
calculateLinesAndArrowGets offsetted lines
connectConnect boxes with an arrow
convertShowMissingA function for converting a show_missing variable.
coordsGet the box coordinates
copyAllNewAttributesA simple thing to keep the attributes
descGetMissingGet statistics for missing data
describeFactorsDescribes factor variables
describeMeanDescribe the mean
describeMedianA function that returns a description median that contains...
describePropA function that returns a description proportion that...
distanceGet the distance between grid objects
docx_documentFormatter wrapper for 'html_document', facilitates easier...
fastDoCallAn alternative to the internal ''
figCapNoAdds a figure caption number
figCapNoLastGets the last figure caption number
figCapNoNextGets the next figure caption number
getAbsoluteWidthTranslates "npc" widths into absolute units
getBezierAdj4ArrwGets the bezier points adjusted for an arrow
getDescriptionStatsByCreating of description statistics
getGridValGets grid value
getPvalP-value extractors for 'getDescriptionStatsBy'
getSvdMostInfluentialGets the maximum contributor variables from svd()
getVectorAngleGets an angle
Gmisc-deprecatedDeprecated function(s) in 'Gmisc'
Gmisc-packageCollection of functions for plotting relations, generating...
gnrlBezierPointsGenerates a generalized Bézier line
hasAn R alternative to the lodash 'has' in JavaScript
htmlTable_latexA wrapper around the 'htmlTable'/'latex' function
insertRowAndKeepAttrInsert a row into a matrix
isHorizontalJust a simple help with interpreting the radians
mergeDescPrepares a matrix for 'htmlTable' from a list
mergeListsMerging of multiple lists
mergeLists_internalA helper function for mergeLists that does the actual work.
moveBoxMove a boxGrob
pathJoinA path join function
prAddDescStatsAdd a p-value column to the results
prAddDescUnitColumnAdd a units column to the results
prAddEmptyValsConvert the by-list into a matrix compatible format
prAddTotalDescColumnAdd a total column to the results
prBuildSubLabelAdd a sub-label to 'boxPropGrob'
prCaptionFixFixes the caption for elements without caption
prConvert2CoordsConverts an object to coordinates
prCreateBoxCoordinatesCreates coordinates for box
prDescGetAndValidateDefaultRefA helper function for the description stats
prFactorDescsHelper to [getDescriptionStatsBy()]
prFixDescRownamesFix rownames for descriptive results
prFtpHeaderStyleHelper to ftp_document
prFtpOtherChangesChanges lines for XML-conformity
prFtpOtherRemovalRemoves other unwanted lines
prFtpScriptRemovalRemoves the <script>*</scrip>
prGetDescHeaderRetrieve basic description stats by header
prGetStatisticsGet statistics according to the type
prGetTextGrobCexJust a simple acces to the gp$cex parameter
prGridPlotTitleAdds a title to the plot
print.Gmisc_list_of_boxesOutput boxes
prNumericDescsHelper to [getDescriptionStatsBy()]
prPasteVecCollapses a vector for throwing errors
prPropDescsHelper to [getDescriptionStatsBy()]
prPushMarginViewportPushes viewport with margins
prSetMaxWidthUpdates the css max-width
prTcMatchClrFinds the matching colors for the new addition based on the...
prTcPlotArrowsPlots the arrows within a single transition set
prTcPlotBoxColumnPlots a column of boxes
prTcValidateAndPrepClrChecks and prepares colors
prTpGetBoxPositionsGets the box position
prTpGetBoxPropClrGets the color for the given box
prTpGetBoxSizedTextGrobGets the text size for the box
prTpGetColorsGets a set of colors or just one color
prTpPlotArrowsPlots the arrows
prTpPlotBoxPlots the box for the transition plot
prTpPlotBoxesPlot boxes and arrows
retrieveAn R alternative to the lodash 'get' in JavaScript
set_column_labelsAdd [Hmisc::label()] to multiple columns
set_column_unitsAdd [Hmisc::unit()] to multiple columns
spreadSpread boxes
time2spanTxtA dense time-span text
Transition-classA reference class for generating transition plots
transitionPlotA transition plot
validateAndConvertVectorInputsChecks the input of a vector
yamlDumpOutputs an object
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