Glacier_Disch: Glacier discharge conceptual model

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Glacier discharge conceptual model


Implement the conceptual water storage and release formulation for glacier runoff routing. The current model version follows the approach proposed by Stahl et al. (2008) (hereafter S08) for the Bridge River basin. Note that the bucket storage and release concepts for glacier runoff modeling are also described in Jansson et al. (2002).





numeric integer with the model's choice. The current HBV.IANIGLA version only supports the S08 approach.

  • 1:S08 glacier storage and release model.


numeric matrix with two columns:

Model 1

  • column_1: snow water equivalent above the glacier [mm/Δ t]. The series can be obtained from the SnowGlacier_HBV function output.

  • column_2: melted snow + melted ice + rainfall [mm/Δ t]. This series comes from the TotScal column in the SnowGlacier_HBV function output.


numeric value with the initial glacier reservoir water content SG [mm].


numeric vector with the following values:

Model 1 (S08)

  • KGmin: minimal outflow rate [1/Δ t].

  • dKG: maximum outflow rate increase [1/Δ t].

  • AG: scale factor [mm].


Numeric matrix with the following columns:

Model 1 (S08)

  • Q: glacier discharge [mm/Δ t].

  • SG: glacier's bucket water storage content series [1/Δ t].


Jansson, P., Hock, R., Schneider, T., 2003. The concept of glacier storage: a review. J. Hydrol., Mountain Hydrology and Water Resources 282, 116–129.

Stahl, K., Moore, R.D., Shea, J.M., Hutchinson, D., Cannon, A.J., 2008. Coupled modelling of glacier and streamflow response to future climate scenarios. Water Resour. Res. 44, W02422.


# The following is a toy example. I strongly recommend to see
# the package vignettes in order to improve your skills on HBV.IANIGLA

## Create an input data and run the module
DataMatrix <- cbind(
                    runif(n = 100, min = 0, max = 50),
                    runif(n = 100, min = 0, max = 200)

dischGl    <- Glacier_Disch(model = 1, inputData = DataMatrix,
                           initCond = 100, param = c(0.1, 0.9, 10))

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