alerce_data: Alerce's glacier data for modeling

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Alerce's glacier data for modeling


A dataset containing all necessary information to simulate a three year glacier surface mass balance. The ice body is located on Monte Tronador, nearby the border between Argentina and Chile in the Andes of Northern Patagonia. Alerce is a medium size mountain glacier with an area of about 2.33 km2 that ranges between 1629 and 2358 masl and it shows a SE aspect (IANIGLA-ING, 2018).




A list with five elements


data frame with the estimated annual mass balance and the acceptable uncertainty bounds.


data frame containing the first fix days of the winter and summer mass balances.


data frame with the precipitation gauge and air temperatures records. The former series is recorded at Puerto Montt's station (Chile) and the last one is measured at Bariloche's airport (Argentina)


data frame with: elevation zone number, minimum, maximum and mean altitude values for the elevation range and the relative area.


numeric vector with the stations heights. Air temperature refers to Bariloche's airport and precipitation to Puerto Montt station. Units are in masl (meters above sea level).


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