Smoking_SchairerSchoeniger1944: Smoking and Lung Cancer (II)

Description Usage Format Source References


Number of smokers in a case-control study.




The format is: table [1:5, 1:7] 3 11 31 19 29 2 0 4 6 3 ... - attr(*, "dimnames")=List of 2 ..$ Smoking : chr [1:5] "Nonsmoker" "Moderate smoker" "Medium smoker" "Heavy smoker" ... ..$ Diagnosis: chr [1:7] "Lung cancer" "Lip cancer" "Throat cancer" "Stomach cancer" ...


E. Schairer and E. Sch\"oninger (1944), Lungenkrebs und Tabakverbrauch, Zeitschrift fuer Krebsforschung, 54(4), 261-269


Richard Doll (1998), Uncovering the effects of smoking: historical perspective. Statistical Methods in Medical Research, 7(87), 87-117

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