Man pages for HSAUR3
A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using R (3rd Edition)

agefatTotal Body Composision Data
aspirinAspirin Data
backpainDriving and Back Pain Data
BCGBCG Vaccine Data
birdsBirds in Paramo Vegetation Data
birthdeathratesBirth and Death Rates Data
bladdercancerBladder Cancer Data
bpLowering Blood Pressure Data
BtheBBeat the Blues Data
CHFLSChinese Health and Family Life Survey
cloudsCloud Seeding Data
CYGOB1CYG OB1 Star Cluster Data
EFTEmbedded Figures Test Data
epilepsyEpilepsy Data
Forbes2000The Forbes 2000 Ranking of the World's Biggest Companies...
fosterFoster Feeding Experiment
gardenflowersGarden Flowers Data
GHQGeneral Health Questionnaire
heptathlonOlympic Heptathlon Seoul 1988
householdHousehold Expenditure Data
HSAURtableProduce LaTeX Tables
LanzaPrevention of Gastointestinal Damages
mastectomySurvival Times after Mastectomy of Breast Cancer Patients
men1500mWinners of the Olympic Men's 1500m
meteoMeteorological Measurements for 11 Years
orallesionsOral Lesions in Rural India
phosphatePhosphate Level Data
pistonringsPiston Rings Failures
planetsExoplanets Data
plasmaBlood Screening Data
polypsFamilial Andenomatous Polyposis
polyps3Familial Andenomatous Polyposis
potteryRomano-British Pottery Data
rearrestsRearrests of Juvenile Felons
respiratoryRespiratory Illness Data
roomwidthStudents Estimates of Lecture Room Width
schizophreniaAge of Onset of Schizophrenia Data
schizophrenia2Schizophrenia Data
schooldaysDays not Spent at School
skullsEgyptian Skulls
smokingNicotine Gum and Smoking Cessation
Smoking_DollHill1950Smoking and Lung Cancer (IV)
Smoking_Mueller1940Smoking and Lung Cancer (I)
Smoking_SchairerSchoeniger1944Smoking and Lung Cancer (II)
Smoking_Wassink1945Smoking and Lung Cancer (III)
studentsStudent Risk Taking
suicidesCrowd Baiting Behaviour and Suicides
suicides2Male Suicides Data
toenailToenail Infection Data
toothpasteToothpaste Data
USairpollutionAir Pollution in US Cities
USmelanomaUSA Malignant Melanoma Data
USstatesUS States
UStempTemperatures in 22 US cities
votingHouse of Representatives Voting Data
waterMortality and Water Hardness
watervolesWater Voles Data
wavesElectricity from Wave Power at Sea
weightgainGain in Weight of Rats
womensroleWomens Role in Society
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