waves: Electricity from Wave Power at Sea

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Measurements of root mean square bending moment by two different mooring methods.




A data frame with 18 observations on the following 2 variables.


Root mean square bending moment in Newton metres, mooring method 1


Root mean square bending moment in Newton metres, mooring method 2


In a design study for a device to generate electricity from wave power at sea, experiments were carried out on scale models in a wave tank to establish how the choice of mooring method for the system affected the bending stress produced in part of the device. The wave tank could simulate a wide range of sea states and the model system was subjected to the same sample of sea states with each of two mooring methods, one of which was considerably cheaper than the other. The question of interest is whether bending stress differs for the two mooring methods.


D. J. Hand, F. Daly, A. D. Lunn, K. J. McConway and E. Ostrowski (1994). A Handbook of Small Datasets, Chapman and Hall/CRC, London.


  data("waves", package = "HSAUR3")
  plot(method1 ~ method2, data = waves)

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