plot-methods: Plot of Hardy-Weinberg Data and Analysis

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Plot of Hardy-Weinberg Data and Analysis


Methods for function plot in Package ‘graphics’ to be used with "HWEdata" and "HWEintr" objects.


signature(x = "HWEdata", y = "missing")

Pictorial representation for a "HWEdata" object.

signature(x = "HWEintr", y = "missing")

Graphical representation of Monte Carlo sums for a "HWEintr" object.


Sergio Venturini


Consonni, G., Moreno, E., and Venturini, S. (2011). "Testing Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium: an objective Bayesian analysis". Statistics in Medicine, 30, 62–74.

See Also

hwe.ibf,, hwe.ibf.plot.

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