Man pages for HWxtest
Exact Tests for Hardy-Weinberg Proportions

acountFind Approximate Number of Genotype Tables a '.txt' file in 'GenePop' format into an object of...
histogramFunctionsFunctions to plot a histogram of test statistic
HWcasesThis is a data file with some HW examples in matrix form
hwdfConstruct a data frame from 'hwx.test' output
hwx.testTest for HW by either full enumeration or Monte Carlo.
listifyConvert results of 'hwx.test' to a single list of 'hwtest'...
mtestPerforms an "exact" test using Monte Carlo trials for...
observedStatisticsCompute observed statistics for a genotype count matrix
print.hwtestS3 Method for printing 'hwtest' objects
p.valueExtract just the P value(s) from a Hardy-Weinberg test.
whales.dfBowhead whale data from Morin et al. 2012
xcountFind Exact Number of Genotype Tables
xcountCutoffDetermine immediately whether number of tables is over a...
xtestPerforms an exact test with full enumeration for...
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