Man pages for HaploSim
Functions to simulate haplotypes

AssignQTLAssigns QTL to a list of Haplotypes
buildhPedigreeBuild a haplotype pedrigree from a haplotype list
getAllGet alleles
haploListFunction to create objects of class 'haploList'
haploListClassClass "haploList"
haplotypeClass "haplotype" ~~~
hPed2PedTransform a haplotype pedigree into a pedigree.
RemoveHomozygotesRemove the homozygotic snp loci from a list of haplotypes
SampleBaseHaplotypeSimulate a base population haplotype
SampleHaplotypeSimulate a haplotype
SampleHaplotypesSimulate a list of haplotypes
SamplePedigreeSimulate a haplotypes in a pedigree
validhaploListObjectFunction to validate an object of class 'haploList'
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