HelpersMG: Tools for Earth Meteorological Analysis

Contains many functions useful for managing 'NetCDF' files (see, get tide levels on any point of the globe, get moon phase and time for sun rise and fall, analyse and reconstruct periodic time series of temperature with irregular sinusoidal pattern, show scales and wind rose in plot with change of color of text, Metropolis-Hastings algorithm for Bayesian MCMC analysis, plot graphs or boxplot with error bars, search files in disk by there names or their content, read the contents of all files from a folder at one time.

AuthorMarc Girondot
Date of publication2016-12-26 12:46:42
MaintainerMarc Girondot <>

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Man pages

asc: Return the codes (in UTF-8) of a string

as.mcmc.mcmcComposite: Extract mcmc object from a mcmcComposite object

as.parameters: Extract parameters from mcmcComposite object

barplot_errbar: Plot a barplot graph with error bar on y

ChangeCoordinate: Return a value in a changed coordinate

chr: Return the characters defined by the codes

clean.knitr: Delete temporary files created during knitr compile

compare: Run a shiny application for basic functions of comparison

compare_AIC: Compares the AIC of several outputs

compare_BIC: Compares the AIC of several outputs Convert one Date-Time from one timezone to another

data.comparison: Data series comparison using Akaike weight

DIx: Return an index of quantitative asymmetry and complexity...

dSnbinom: Density for the sum of random variable with negative binomial...

growlnotify: Send growl notification for MacOs X system.

HelpersMG-package: Tools for Earth Meteorological Analysis

index.periodic: Estimate indices in periodic timeseries based on anchored...

ind_long_lat: Return or the index in ncdf object from lat/longitude or... Search a string within files of a folder

LD50: Estimate the parameters that best describe LD50 Return path of file searched for in local disk based on its...

logLik.LD50: Return Log Likelihood of a fit generated by LD50

merge.mcmcComposite: Merge two mcmcComposite results

MHalgoGen: Monte-Carlo Markov-chain with Metropolis-Hastings algorithm

minmax.periodic: Search for minimum and maximum indices in periodic timeseries

modeled.hist: Return the theoretical value for the histogram bar

modifyVector: Modifies Elements of a Vector Moon phase based on a date

newcompassRose: Display a compass rose

newmap.scale: Add Scale to Existing Unprojected Map

plot_add: Add a plot to a previous one

plot_errbar: Plot a xy graph with error bar on x and/or y

plot.LD50: Plot results of LD50() that best describe LD50

plot.mcmcComposite: Plot the result of a mcmcComposite object

predict.LD50: Estimate survival according to doses

pSnbinom: Distribution function for the sum of random variable with...

qSnbinom: Quantile function for the sum of random variable with...

r2norm: Random generation for Gaussian distributions different at...

read_folder: Read files present in a folder and creates a list with the...

rSnbinom: Random generation for the sum of random variable with...

ScalePreviousPlot: Return the scale of the previous plot

similar: Test if two vectors contains the same elements independently...

summary.mcmcComposite: Summarize the result of a mcmcComposite object Estimate the time of sunrise and sunset according to...

symbol.Female: Plot a female symbol in the plotting region

symbol.Male: Plot a male symbol in the plotting region

symmetricize: Make a matrix symmetric

table.comparison: Contingency table comparison using Akaike weight Annual tide calendar for one particular location

wget: Download a file from internet and save it locally

Files in this package

HelpersMG/R/symbol.Male.R HelpersMG/R/DIx.R HelpersMG/R/barplot_errbar.R HelpersMG/R/modifyVector.R HelpersMG/R/wget.R HelpersMG/R/ HelpersMG/R/growlnotify.R HelpersMG/R/ind_long_lat.R HelpersMG/R/predict.LD50.R HelpersMG/R/onAttach.R HelpersMG/R/ScalePreviousPlot.R HelpersMG/R/LD50_fit.R HelpersMG/R/as.mcmc.mcmcComposite.R HelpersMG/R/pSnbinom.R HelpersMG/R/plot_errbar.R HelpersMG/R/asc.R HelpersMG/R/rSnbinom.R HelpersMG/R/getTableAddressing.R HelpersMG/R/read_folder.R HelpersMG/R/logLik.LD50.R HelpersMG/R/MHalgoGen.R HelpersMG/R/plot.LD50.R HelpersMG/R/r2norm.R HelpersMG/R/ HelpersMG/R/merge.mcmcComposite.R HelpersMG/R/symmetricize.R HelpersMG/R/index.periodic.R HelpersMG/R/dSnbinom.R HelpersMG/R/ HelpersMG/R/as.parameters.R HelpersMG/R/data.comparison.R HelpersMG/R/symbol.Female.R HelpersMG/R/ HelpersMG/R/chr.R HelpersMG/R/newmap.scale.R HelpersMG/R/radioButtons_withHTML.R HelpersMG/R/clean.knitr.R HelpersMG/R/modeled.hist.R HelpersMG/R/minmax.periodic.R HelpersMG/R/ HelpersMG/R/BinomialConfidence.R HelpersMG/R/newcompassRose.R HelpersMG/R/plot_add.R HelpersMG/R/compare_AIC.R HelpersMG/R/HelpersMG-package.R HelpersMG/R/plot.mcmcComposite.R HelpersMG/R/LD50.R HelpersMG/R/compare_BIC.R HelpersMG/R/ChangeCoordinate.R HelpersMG/R/summary.mcmcComposite.R HelpersMG/R/qSnbinom.R HelpersMG/R/table.comparison.R HelpersMG/R/permutations.R HelpersMG/R/ HelpersMG/R/similar.R HelpersMG/R/compare.R
HelpersMG/man/modeled.hist.Rd HelpersMG/man/summary.mcmcComposite.Rd HelpersMG/man/minmax.periodic.Rd HelpersMG/man/symbol.Male.Rd HelpersMG/man/predict.LD50.Rd HelpersMG/man/pSnbinom.Rd HelpersMG/man/newmap.scale.Rd HelpersMG/man/plot_errbar.Rd HelpersMG/man/qSnbinom.Rd HelpersMG/man/ChangeCoordinate.Rd HelpersMG/man/symmetricize.Rd HelpersMG/man/as.parameters.Rd HelpersMG/man/read_folder.Rd HelpersMG/man/r2norm.Rd HelpersMG/man/compare_AIC.Rd HelpersMG/man/MHalgoGen.Rd HelpersMG/man/ind_long_lat.Rd HelpersMG/man/data.comparison.Rd HelpersMG/man/clean.knitr.Rd HelpersMG/man/plot.LD50.Rd HelpersMG/man/plot_add.Rd HelpersMG/man/ScalePreviousPlot.Rd HelpersMG/man/ HelpersMG/man/asc.Rd HelpersMG/man/symbol.Female.Rd HelpersMG/man/rSnbinom.Rd HelpersMG/man/HelpersMG-package.Rd HelpersMG/man/newcompassRose.Rd HelpersMG/man/LD50.Rd HelpersMG/man/wget.Rd HelpersMG/man/merge.mcmcComposite.Rd HelpersMG/man/dSnbinom.Rd HelpersMG/man/modifyVector.Rd HelpersMG/man/compare.Rd HelpersMG/man/ HelpersMG/man/growlnotify.Rd HelpersMG/man/ HelpersMG/man/barplot_errbar.Rd HelpersMG/man/table.comparison.Rd HelpersMG/man/chr.Rd HelpersMG/man/similar.Rd HelpersMG/man/ HelpersMG/man/compare_BIC.Rd HelpersMG/man/ HelpersMG/man/ HelpersMG/man/index.periodic.Rd HelpersMG/man/plot.mcmcComposite.Rd HelpersMG/man/logLik.LD50.Rd HelpersMG/man/as.mcmc.mcmcComposite.Rd HelpersMG/man/DIx.Rd

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