Man pages for HelpersMG
Tools for Environmental Analyses, Ecotoxicology and Various R Functions

ascReturn the codes (in UTF-8) of a string
as.mcmc.mcmcCompositeExtract mcmc object from a mcmcComposite object
as.parametersExtract parameters from mcmcComposite object
as.quantilesExtract quantile distribution from mcmcComposite object
barplot_errbarPlot a barplot graph with error bar on y
cArrowsDraw curved lines with arrowhead
ChangeCoordinateReturn a value in a changed coordinate
chrReturn the characters defined by the codes
clean.knitrDelete temporary files created during knitr compile
compareRun a shiny application for basic functions of comparison
compare_AICCompares the AIC of several outputs
compare_AICcCompares the AICc of several outputs
compare_BICCompares the BIC of several outputs
contingencyTable.compareContingency table comparison using Akaike weight
convert.tzConvert one Date-Time from one timezone to another
dWrite an ASCII Representation of an Object
DIxReturn an index of quantitative asymmetry and complexity...
dSnbinomDensity for the sum of random variable with negative binomial...
duplicate.packagesList the duplicated packages with their locations
ellipsePlot an ellipse
ExtractAIC.glmReturn AIC, AICc or BIC from a glm object
flexitReturn the flexit
growlnotifySend growl notification for MacOs X system.
HelpersMG-packageTools for Environmental Analyses, Ecotoxicology and Various R...
IC_clean_dataClean the dataframe before to be used with...
IC_correlation_simplifySimplify the correlation matrix
IC_threshold_matrixCalculate correlation matrix
index.periodicEstimate indices in periodic timeseries based on anchored...
ind_long_latReturn or the index in ncdf object from lat/longitude or...
inside.searchSearch a string within files of a folder
invlogitReturn the inverse logit
LD50Estimate the parameters that best describe LD50
LD50_MHmcmcMetropolis-Hastings algorithm for LD50
LD50_MHmcmc_pGenerates set of parameters to be used with LD50_MHmcmc()
list.packagesList the installed packages with their locations
local.searchReturn path of file searched for in local disk based on its...
logitReturn the logit
logLik.LD50Return Log Likelihood of a fit generated by LD50
merge.mcmcCompositeMerge two mcmcComposite results
MHalgoGenMonte-Carlo Markov-chain with Metropolis-Hastings algorithm
minmax.periodicSearch for minimum and maximum indices in periodic timeseries
modeled.histReturn the theoretical value for the histogram bar
modifyVectorModifies Elements of a Vector
moon.infoMoon phase based on a date
newcompassRoseDisplay a compass rose
newdbetaDensity for the Beta distributions.
newmap.scaleAdd Scale to Existing Unprojected Map
plot_addAdd a plot to a previous one
plot_errbarPlot a xy graph with error bar on x and/or y
plot.IconoCorelClean the dataframe before to be used with...
plot.LD50Plot results of LD50() that best describe LD50
plot.mcmcCompositePlot the result of a mcmcComposite object
predict.LD50Estimate survival according to doses
pSnbinomDistribution function for the sum of random variable with...
qSnbinomQuantile function for the sum of random variable with...
qvlmerQuasi Variances for lmer Model Coefficients
r2normRandom generation for Gaussian distributions different at...
read_folderRead files present in a folder and creates a list with the...
rSnbinomRandom generation for the sum of random variable with...
ScalePreviousPlotReturn the scale of the previous plot
SEfromHessianStandard error of parameters based on Hessian matrix
series.compareData series comparison using Akaike weight
similarTest if two vectors contains the same elements independently...
summary.mcmcCompositeSummarize the result of a mcmcComposite object
sun.infoEstimate the time of sunrise and sunset according to...
symbol.FemalePlot a female symbol in the plotting region
symbol.MalePlot a male symbol in the plotting region
symmetricizeMake a matrix symmetric
tide.infoAnnual tide calendar for one particular location
tnirpRead an ASCII text representation of a named or not vector...
universalmclapplyRun the function FUN on X using parallel computing
wgetDownload a file from internet and save it locally
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