HiDimMaxStable: Inference on High Dimensional Max-Stable Distributions

Inference of high dimensional max-stable distributions, from the paper "Likelihood based inference for high-dimensional extreme value distributions", by A. Bienvenüe and C. Robert, arXiv:1403.0065 [stat.AP].

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AuthorAlexis Bienvenüe [aut, cre], Christian Robert [aut]
Date of publication2015-01-14 12:30:22
MaintainerAlexis Bienvenüe <alexis.bienvenue@univ-lyon1.fr>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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build.clusters.spatial Man page
dens.grid.excess Man page
dens.grid.maxstable Man page
dens.grid.simultoccur Man page
excess.censor Man page
excess.l Man page
margin-class Man page
marginExp Man page
marginFrechet Man page
marginGamma Man page
marginGPD Man page
marginLnorm Man page
marginUnif Man page
marginWeibull Man page
maxblocks Man page
maxgrid Man page
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maxlik.maxstable Man page
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maxstable.l.clusters Man page
mubz.copula Man page
mubz.lnormal Man page
mubz.normal Man page
plot3d.densgrid Man page
rCMS Man page
rSchlatherExcess Man page
select.mean Man page
simultoccur.l Man page
spatialBessel Man page
spatialCauchy Man page
spatial-class Man page
spatialPower Man page
spatialPowerexp Man page
spatialWhittleMatern Man page

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