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The original authors compared pairs of snap-frozen and RNAlater preservative-suspended tissue from lymph node-negative breast tumors (B) and Dukes' B colon tumors (C). The actual data set, by de Souto et. al (2008), is build with purpose of separating B from C.




Data frame with 183 rows and 104 columns.


Original source from ‘National Center for Biotechnology Information’ from the United States of America, query GSE3726.


de Souto MCP, Costa IG, de Araujo DSA, Ludermir TB, and Schliep A (2008). Clustering Cancer Gene Expression Data: a Comparative Study. BMC Bioinformatics, 8, 497–511.

Chowdary D, Lathrop J, Skelton J, Curtin K, Briggs T, Zhang Y, Yu J, Wang X, and Mazumder A (2006). Prognostic gene expression signatures can be measured in tissues collected in RNAlater preservative. Journal Molecular Diagnosis, 8, 31–39.



tumor <- as.factor(as.matrix(chowdary[1,]))
x <- as.matrix(chowdary[-1,])
mode(x) <- "numeric"

s <- sample(row.names(x),1)
boxplot( x[s,] ~ tumor , ylab=s)

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