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Summary statistics of cyclic data.

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of the form rose(x, cyclVar = NULL, circle = NULL, n.cyclVar = 8, cut = NULL, breaks = NULL, labels = NULL, dig.lab = 2, include.lowest = FALSE, subset = NULL, na.warning = TRUE, FUN = mean, ...)



Object of class matrix. rho[i,] contains the summary values of all data within the interval defined by the cyclic Variable cyclVar[i]. Column and row names are mandatory. The different columns of rho correspond to different responses when the summary statistics is a scalar or to the different elements of a vector summary of one response or to the different subsets of the second grouping element.


Object of class numeric containing the center of the interval of the cyclic variable. The values are sorted by increasing values, are unique and cannot contain NA values.


Scalar of class numeric, defining the full circle.


Rene Locher

See Also

For the details of how to create and plot a rose object see rose and plot.rose.

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