Man pages for IRISSeismic
Classes and Methods for Seismic Data Analysis

basicStatsLength, Max, Mean, Median, Min and Standard Deviation
butterworthApply Butterworth filter
crossSpectrumCross-Spectral Analysis
DDTApply demean, detrend, cosine taper
envelopeEnvelope of a seismic signal
eventWindowReturn a portion of a trace surrounding an event.
getAvailabilityRetrieve Channel metadata from IRIS DMC
getChannelRetrieve Channel metadata from IRIS DMC
getDataAvailabilityRetrieve miniseed trace extents from IRIS DMC
getDataselectRetrieve seismic data from IRIS DMC
getDistazRetrieve great circle distance information from IRIS DMC
getEvalrespRetrieve instrument response information from IRIS DMC
getEventRetrieve seismic event information from the USGS NEIC
getGapsGap analysis
getNetworkRetrieve Network metadata from IRIS DMC
getRotationRetrieve rotated seismic data from IRIS DMC
getSNCLRetrieve seismic data from IRIS DMC
getStationRetrieve Station metadata from IRIS DMC
getTimeseriesRetrieve seismic data from IRIS DMC
getTraveltimeRetrieve seismic traveltime information from IRIS DMC
getUnavailabilityRetrieve Channel metadata from IRIS DMC
getUpDownTimesDetermine times when a channel starts/stops collecting data
hilbertHilbert of a seismic signal
hilbertFFTHilbert FFT
IrisClient-classClass '"IrisClient"'
IRISSeismic-packageClasses and methods for seismic data analysis
McNamaraBinsMcNamara Binning
McNamaraPSDPower Spectral Density
mergeTracesMerge multiple traces into a single trace
mergeUpDownTimesDetermine overlaps in two sets of upDownTimes.
miniseed2StreamConvert miniSEED bytes to 'Stream' object
multiplyByMultiplication by a constant
noiseMatrix2PdfMatrixConvert matrix of PSDs to matrix of Probability Density...
noiseModelsGenerate NHNM and NLNM noise models
psdDF2NoiseMatrixApply instrument correction to PSDs
psdListApply McNamara PSD algorithm to a seismic signal
psdList2NoiseMatrixApply instrument correction to PSDs
psdPlotGenerate plots from a set of PSDs
psdStatisticsReturn statistics for a set of PSDs
readMiniseedFileConvert miniSEED file to 'Stream' object
rmsVarianceRoot Mean Square and RMS Variance
rotate2DRotate horizontal components of a seismic signal
sliceSlice a section out of a 'Trace' or 'Stream'
Stream-classClass '"Stream"'
surfaceDistanceEarth surface distance between two points
Trace-classClass '"Trace"'
TraceHeader-classClass '"TraceHeader"'
transferFunctionSpectrafunction to retrieve response values to use for input to the...
triggerOnsetEvent onset triggering
unHistogramHistogram to Vector
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