InPosition: Inference Tests for ExPosition

Non-parametric resampling-based inference tests for ExPosition.

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AuthorDerek Beaton, Joseph Dunlop, Herve Abdi
Date of publication2013-12-11 16:07:09
MaintainerDerek Beaton <>

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Man pages Compute bootstrap resampled 'fj' as supplemental elements.

boot.ratio.test: Performs bootstrap ratio test.

boot.samples: Compute indicies for bootstrap resampling.

caChiTest: caChiTest: correspondence analysis tests without resampling. Bootstrap or permutation resampling for contingency tables

continueResampling: A stopping mechanism if resampling will take too long.

epCA.inference.battery: epCA.inference.battery: Inference tests for Correspondence...

epGPCA.inference.battery: epGPCA.inference.battery: Inference tests for Generalized...

epMCA.inference.battery: epMCA.inference.battery: Inference tests for Multiple...

epPCA.inference.battery: epPCA.inference.battery: Inference tests for Principal...

inGraphs: inGraphs: InPosition plotting function

InPosition-package: InPosition: Inference Tests for _Ex_ploratory Analysis with...

print.epCA.inference.battery: Print Correspondence Analysis (CA) Inference results

print.epGPCA.inference.battery: Print Generalized Principal Components Analysis (GPCA)...

print.epMCA.inference.battery: Print Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA) Inference...

print.epPCA.inference.battery: Print Principal Components Analysis (PCA) Inference results

print.inpoBoot: Print results from InPosition Bootstraps

print.inpoBootTests: Print results from InPosition Bootstrap Ratio Tests

print.inpoComponents: Print results from InPosition Components Permutation Test

print.inpoOmni: Print results from InPosition Omnibus Permutation Test

print.inpoOutput: Print results from InPosition

rebuildMCAtable: rebuildMCAtable: rebuild categorical table from the...

Functions Man page
boot.ratio.test Man page
boot.samples Man page
caChiTest Man page Man page
continueResampling Man page
epCA.inference.battery Man page
epGPCA.inference.battery Man page
epMCA.inference.battery Man page
epPCA.inference.battery Man page
inGraphs Man page
InPosition Man page
InPosition-package Man page
print.epCA.inference.battery Man page
print.epGPCA.inference.battery Man page
print.epMCA.inference.battery Man page
print.epPCA.inference.battery Man page
print.inpoBoot Man page
print.inpoBootTests Man page
print.inpoComponents Man page
print.inpoOmni Man page
print.inpoOutput Man page
rebuildMCAtable Man page

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