Man pages for IndexNumR
Index Number Calculation

CESDataGenerate data assuming CES preferences
CES_sigma_2Dataset of prices and quantities on four products
dominicksDataGet data from the Dominicks dataset
DominicksWeeksDate information for the Dominicks data
elasticityComputes the elasticity of substitution
evaluateMatchedEvaluate product overlap between periods
GEKSIndexCompute a GEKS multilateral index
GKIndexCompute the Geary-Khamis index
groupIndexesCalculate price indexes for product groups
imputeCarryPricesFill all missing prices with carry forward/backward prices
imputeQuantitiesImpute quantities when only prices are available
IndexNumR-packageIndexNumR: A package for computing index numbers
maximumSimilarityLinksFinds periods to link using minimum dissimilarity.
mixScaleDissimilarityComputes mix, scale and absolute dissimilarity measures
monthIndexGenerate an index of months
predictedSharesPredicted shares for predicted share relative price...
priceIndexComputes a bilateral price index
priceIndicatorCalculate a price indicator
productChangesProduct ID's for appearing/disappearing products
quantityIndexComputes a bilateral quantity index
quantityIndicatorCompute a quantity indicator
quarterIndexGenerate an index of quarters
relativeDissimilarityComputes measures of relative dissimilarity between all...
sharesCompute expenditure shares for each product and time period
unitValuesAggregates prices to unit values and quantities to sums
valuesCompute values (price x quantity)
weekIndexGenerate an index of weeks
WTPDIndexCompute a weighted time-product-dummy multilateral index
yearIndexGenerate an index of years
yearOverYearIndexesEstimate year-over-year indexes
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