monthIndex: Generate an index of months

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monthIndexR Documentation

Generate an index of months


A function to create a month index variable


monthIndex(x, overlapWeeks = "naive")



A vector or column of dates


Tells monthIndex how to deal with weeks that cross over two adjacent months. Options are "naive", "majority", "wholeOnly" or "fourWeek". "naive" simply takes the month number of the observation, ignoring where the week of that observation falls. "majority" will allocate the observation to the month that owns the majority of days in that week, assuming that Monday is day one of the week. "fourWeek" first calculates a week index, then calculates the month index assuming that there are four weeks in each month. "wholeOnly" will return NA for any dates falling inside a week that overlaps two adjacent months; that is, only weeks that are wholly within a month are given an index value. The default is "naive".


# given a vector of dates
df <- data.frame(date = as.Date(c("2017-01-01","2017-02-01","2017-03-01","2017-04-01"),
format = "%Y-%m-%d"))
# calculate the time period variable
df$period <- monthIndex(df$date, overlapWeeks = "naive")

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