Man pages for IntegratedMRF
Integrated Prediction using Uni-Variate and Multivariate Random Forests

build_forest_predictPrediction using Random Forest or Multivariate Random Forest
build_single_treeModel of a single tree of Random Forest or Multivariate...
CombinationWeights for combination of predictions from different data...
CombPredictIntegrated Prediction of Testing samples using Combination...
CombPredictSpecificPrediction for testing samples using specific combination...
CrossValidationGenerate training and testing samples for cross validation
Dream_DatasetNCI-Dream Drug Sensitivity Prediction Challenge Dataset
error_calculationError calculation for integrated model
ImputationImputation of a numerical vector
IntegratedPredictionIntegrated Prediction of Testing samples from integrated RF...
Node_costInformation Gain
predictingPrediction of testing sample in a node
single_tree_predictionPrediction of Testing Samples for single tree
split_nodeSplitting Criteria of all the nodes of the tree
splittSplit of the Parent node
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