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JBrowseR is an R package that provides a simple and clean interface to JBrowse 2 for R users. Using JBrowseR, you can:

With this functionality, you can deploy a first-class genome browser with your data in just a few lines of R code!


You can install the released version of JBrowseR from CRAN with:


And the development version from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")


This line of code can be used to launch a genome browser from your R console:

         location = "10:29,838,737..29,838,819")

Getting started

In order to get started with JBrowseR, please refer to the vignette that best suits your needs:


If you use JBrowseR in your research, please cite the following publication:

Hershberg et al., 2021. JBrowseR: An R Interface to the JBrowse 2 Genome Browser

  title={JBrowseR: An R Interface to the JBrowse 2 Genome Browser},
  author={Hershberg, Elliot A and Stevens, Garrett and Diesh, Colin and Xie, Peter and De Jesus Martinez, Teresa and Buels, Robert and Stein, Lincoln and Holmes, Ian},

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