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# Generated by using Rcpp::compileAttributes() -> do not edit by hand
# Generator token: 10BE3573-1514-4C36-9D1C-5A225CD40393

#' Function to compute predicted quantiles
#' Find predicted quantiles given classification results at different quantiles.
#' @param X Matrix of class predictions, where each column gives the predictions
#'        for a given quantile in q.
#' @param q The quantiles for which the columns of X are predictions.
#' @param delta The number of quantiles used.
#' @param median_loc Location of median quantile (0-based indexing).
#' @export
grid_probs <- function(X, q, delta, median_loc) {
    .Call(JOUSBoost_grid_probs, X, q, delta, median_loc)

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