rGE: Gene-Environment correlation estimation and testing

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Gene-Environment correlation estimation and testing


Estimates the gene-environment correlation (rGE) and tests for a GxE using a residual environmental score. If there is an important correlation between G and E, the model is still valid prediction-wise but the interpretation is affected as the question becomes: is it really a GxE or a GxG since E is partially caused by G? To account for this, we remove the influence of G on E (If E = b0 + b1*G + e, we use E_resid = E - b1*G) and refit the model to see if the model parameters changed. The residual environmental score (E_resid) is uncorrelated with G. This does not account for passive rGE but only active rGE.


rGE(object, ...)



An object of class "LEGIT" or "IMLEGIT".


Further arguments passed to or from other methods.

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