LMest: Latent Markov Models with and without Covariates

Fit certain versions of the Latent Markov model for longitudinal categorical data.

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AuthorFrancesco Bartolucci, Silvia Pandolfi - University of Perugia (IT)
Date of publication2016-08-23 15:25:06
MaintainerFrancesco Bartolucci <bart@stat.unipg.it>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

blkdiag: Build a block diagonal matrix.

bootstrap_lm_basic: Parametric bootstrap for the basic LM model

bootstrap_lm_cov_latent: Parametric bootstrap for LM models with individual covariates...

complk: Complete log-likelihood of the basic latent Markov model

data_criminal_sim: Criminal dataset

data_drug: Dataset about marijuana consumption

data_SRHS_long: Self-reported health status dataset

decoding: Perform local and global decoding

draw_lm_basic: Draw samples from the basic LM model

draw_lm_cov_latent: Draw samples from LM model with covariaates in the latent...

draw_lm_mixed: Draws samples from the mixed LM model

est_lm_basic: Estimate basic LM model

est_lm_cov_latent: Estimate LM model with covariates in the latent model

est_lm_cov_manifest: Estimate LM model with covariates in the measurement model

est_lm_mixed: Estimate mixed LM model

est_multilogit: Estimate multilogit model

expit: Compute the expit function.

expit1: Compute the expit function with respect to a reference...

invglob: Invert vector of global logits.

lk_ar_rho: Compute complete log-likelihood for AR(1) latent process

lk_comp_latent: Complete log-likelihood of the latent Markov model with...

lk_obs: Compute the observable log-likelihood of the basic LM model

lk_obs_latent: Compute the observable log-likelihood of the LM model with...

lk_obs_manifest: Compute the observable log-likelihood of the LM model with...

lk_obs_mixed: Compute the observable log-likelihood of the mixed LM model

lk_sta: Compute the stationary log-likelihood

LMest-package: Fit latent Markov models

logit1: Compute the logit function with respect to a reference...

long2matrices: From data in the long format to data in array format

long2wide: From data in the long format to data in the wide format

marg_param: Compute marginal parametrization

print.LMbasic: Print the output of LMbasic object

print.LMlatent: Print the output of LMlatent object

print.LMmanifest: Print the output of LMmanifest object

print.LMmixed: Print the output of LMmixed object

print.LMsearch: Print the output of LMsearch object

prob_multilogit: Compute multinomial probabilities

prob_post_cov: Compute posterior probabilities.

prod_array: Compute the product of array and vector

rec1: Recursions used by est_lm_cov_manifest

rec3: Recursions used by est_lm_cov_manifest

recursions: Recursions used by est_lm_basic

RLMSdat: Dataset about job satisfaction

search.model.LM: Search for the global maximum of the log-likelihood

sq: Create a matrix with the combination of vectors of (1,0)

stationary: Stationary

summary.LMbasic: Print the output of LMbasic object

summary.LMlatent: Print the output of LMlatent object

summary.LMmanifest: Print the output of LMmanifest object

summary.LMmixed: Print the output of LMmixed object

summary.LMsearch: Print the output of LMsearch object

trans_par: Convert matrix parametrization


blkdiag Man page
bootstrap_lm_basic Man page
bootstrap_lm_cov_latent Man page
complk Man page
data_criminal_sim Man page
data_drug Man page
data_SRHS_long Man page
decoding Man page
draw_lm_basic Man page
draw_lm_cov_latent Man page
draw_lm_mixed Man page
est_lm_basic Man page
est_lm_cov_latent Man page
est_lm_cov_manifest Man page
est_lm_mixed Man page
est_multilogit Man page
expit Man page
expit1 Man page
invglob Man page
lk_ar_rho Man page
lk_comp_latent Man page
lk_obs Man page
lk_obs_latent Man page
lk_obs_manifest Man page
lk_obs_mixed Man page
lk_sta Man page
LMest Man page
LMest-package Man page
logit1 Man page
long2matrices Man page
long2wide Man page
marg_param Man page
print.LMbasic Man page
print.LMlatent Man page
print.LMmanifest Man page
print.LMmixed Man page
print.LMsearch Man page
prob_multilogit Man page
prob_post_cov Man page
prod_array Man page
rec1 Man page
rec3 Man page
recursions Man page
RLMSdat Man page
search.model.LM Man page
sq Man page
stationary Man page
summary.LMbasic Man page
summary.LMlatent Man page
summary.LMmanifest Man page
summary.LMmixed Man page
summary.LMsearch Man page
trans_par Man page


R/bootstrap_lm_basic.R R/expit1.R R/trans_par.R R/print.LMbasic.R R/est_lm_basic.R R/print.LMmixed.R R/summary.LMlatent.R R/search.model.LM.R R/complk.R R/logit1.R R/decoding.R R/lk_obs_manifest.R R/recursions.R R/draw_lm_basic.R R/prob_multilogit.R R/lk_comp_latent.R R/marg_param.R R/est_lm_cov_manifest.R R/summary.LMmanifest.R R/draw_lm_mixed.R R/draw_lm_cov_latent.R R/summary.LMbasic.R R/print.LMsearch.R R/lk_ar_rho.R R/est_lm_cov_latent.R R/print.LMlatent.R R/bootstrap_lm_cov_latent.R R/invglob.R R/sq.R R/expit.R R/print.LMmanifest.R R/lk_obs_latent.R R/lk_obs.R R/summary.LMmixed.R R/prod_array.R R/summary.LMsearch.R R/rec3.R R/stationary.R R/est_lm_mixed.R R/rec1.R R/prob_post_cov.R R/lk_sta.R R/est_multilogit.R R/long2wide.R R/blkdiag.R R/lk_obs_mixed.R R/long2matrices.R
man/bootstrap_lm_basic.Rd man/draw_lm_basic.Rd man/lk_obs_mixed.Rd man/summary.LMbasic.Rd man/draw_lm_mixed.Rd man/summary.LMlatent.Rd man/prod_array.Rd man/marg_param.Rd man/RLMSdat.Rd man/lk_comp_latent.Rd man/blkdiag.Rd man/long2matrices.Rd man/LMest-package.Rd man/prob_post_cov.Rd man/decoding.Rd man/rec1.Rd man/invglob.Rd man/est_lm_cov_latent.Rd man/summary.LMmanifest.Rd man/est_lm_cov_manifest.Rd man/est_lm_basic.Rd man/draw_lm_cov_latent.Rd man/print.LMlatent.Rd man/recursions.Rd man/rec3.Rd man/data_SRHS_long.Rd man/complk.Rd man/stationary.Rd man/prob_multilogit.Rd man/sq.Rd man/print.LMsearch.Rd man/expit.Rd man/print.LMmanifest.Rd man/data_criminal_sim.Rd man/lk_sta.Rd man/bootstrap_lm_cov_latent.Rd man/logit1.Rd man/lk_ar_rho.Rd man/print.LMbasic.Rd man/summary.LMsearch.Rd man/lk_obs.Rd man/est_lm_mixed.Rd man/summary.LMmixed.Rd man/long2wide.Rd man/lk_obs_latent.Rd man/print.LMmixed.Rd man/est_multilogit.Rd man/search.model.LM.Rd man/trans_par.Rd man/lk_obs_manifest.Rd man/data_drug.Rd man/expit1.Rd

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