BikeCommute: Bike Commute

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Commute times for two kinds of bicycle


A dataset with 56 observations on the following 9 variables.

Bike Type of material Carbon or Steel
Date Date of the bike commute
Distance Length of commute (in miles)
Time Total commute time (hours:minutes:seconds)
Minutes Time converted to minutes
AvgSpeed Average speed during the ride (miles per hour)
TopSpeed Maximum speed (miles per hour)
Seconds Time converted to seconds
Month Categories: 1Jan 2Feb 3Mar 4Apr 5May 6June 7July


Data from a personal experiment to compare commuting time based on a randomized selection between two bicycles made of different materials.


Thanks to Dr. Groves for providing his data.


Bicycle weight and commuting time: randomised trial, in British Medical Journal, BMJ 2010;341:c6801.

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