ColaCalcium: Cola Calcium

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Calcium excretion with diet cola and water


A dataset with 16 observations on the following 2 variables.

Drink Type of drink: Diet cola or Water
Calcium Amount of calcium excreted (in mg.)


A sample of 16 healthy women aged 18 - 40 were randomly assigned to drink 24 ounces of either diet cola or water. Their urine was collected for three hours after ingestion of the beverage and calcium excretion (in mg.) was measured . The researchers were investigating whether diet cola leaches calcium out of the system, which would increase the amount of calcium in the urine for diet cola drinkers.


Larson, Amin, Olsen, and Poth, Effect of Diet Cola on Urine Calcium Excretion, Endocrine Reviews, 31[3]: S1070, June 2010. These data are recreated from the published summary statistics, and are estimates of the actual data.

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