Man pages for MASSTIMATE
Body Mass Estimation Equations for Vertebrates

AHR1985Body Mass Estimates Using Anderson et al. (1985)
bipedsBody Mass Estimates Using cQE, AHR1985, CF2004, and CM1992
CF2004Body Mass Estimates Using Christiansen and Farina (2004)
CM1992Body Mass Estimates Using Campbell and Marcus (1992)
cQEBody Mass Estimates Using Bipedal Correction Factor
dino_comparisonsReconstruction body masses and associated limb circumference...
dinosDinosaur data from Campione and Evans 2012
dinosbipDinosaur data from Campione et al. (2014)
DMEDevelopmental Mass Extrapolation
extantsExtant limb data from Campione and Evans 2012
MASSTIMATE-packageBody mass estimation equations for vertebrates
MASSuniteBody mass comparisons, projecting reconstructions onto an...
MCF2004Body Mass Estimates Using Mazzetta et al. (2004)
mod_OLSExtant standard using a linear, ordinary least squares model
mod_QUADExtant standard using a non-linear, quadratic model
MRBody Mass Estimates Using Campione and Evans (2012)
OH2012Body Mass Estimates Using O'Gorman & Hone (2012)
ppePercent Prediction Error
QEBody Mass Estimates Using Combined Humeral and Femoral...
quadrupedsBody Mass Estimates Using QE, MR, AHR1985, and MCF2004
seeStandard Error of the Estimate
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