Man pages for MCI2
Market Area Models for Retail and Service Locations

Haslach_coords_destinationsFreiburg-Haslach: coordinates of destinations (grocery...
Haslach_coords_originsFreiburg-Haslach: coordinates of origins (districts)
HaslachDistrictsFreiburg-Haslach: districts
HaslachStoresFreiburg-Haslach: grocery stores
HaslachSurveyFreiburg-Haslach: customer survey
Haslach_tcmatAirlineFreiburg-Haslach: airline distances
Haslach_tcmatDrvtimeFreiburg-Haslach: car driving times
huffHuff Model market simulation
huff.compCompare two Huff models
huff.newdestHuff Model market simulation with a new destination
huff.optimHuff Model optimization
huff.updestHuff Model market simulation with an updated destination
mciFitting the MCI model
MCI2-packageMarket Area Models for Retail and Service Locations
mcimat.createCreation of a MCI interaction matrix
mci.simMCI model market simulation
model.exportOutput Huff Model results
rawdata.prepPreparation of survey raw data
tcmat.createCreation of a transport costs matrix
to.tcmatCreation of a transport costs matrix
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