MCPAN: Multiple Comparisons Using Normal Approximation

Multiple contrast tests and simultaneous confidence intervals based on normal approximation. With implementations for binomial proportions in a 2xk setting (risk difference and odds ratio), poly-3-adjusted tumour rates, biodiversity indices (multinomial data) and expected values under lognormal assumption. Approximative power calculation for multiple contrast tests of binomial and Gaussian data.

AuthorFrank Schaarschmidt [aut, cre], Daniel Gerhard [aut], Martin Sill [aut]
Date of publication2016-01-12 22:25:33
MaintainerFrank Schaarschmidt <>

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Man pages

binomest: Only for internal use.

binomORci: Simultaneous confidence intervals for odds ratios

binomRDci: Simultaneous confidence intervals for contrasts of...

binomRDtest: Simultaneous test for contrasts of independent binomial...

binomRRci: Simultaneous confidence intervals for ratios of independent...

bronch: Rodent bronchial carcinoma data

censsample: Random data for Poly-k

censsamplef: Random data for Poly-k

corrMatgen: A function to calculate the correlation matrix

estShannon: Estimate the Shannon Index

estShannonf: Estimate the Shannon-Wiener index

estSimpson: Simpson index

estSimpsonf: Estimate the Simpson index from several samples

HCD: Hell Creek Dinosaur Data

liarozole: Marked improvement of psoriasis after application of...

lndest: Point and varioance estimates for expected and log(expected...

lnrci: Simultaneous confidence intervals for expected values...

MCPAN-package: Multiple comparison procedures based on normal approximation...

methyl: NTP bioassay data: effect of methyleugenol on skin fibroma

mosaicplot.Shannonci: Mosaicplot for the data in Shannonci and Simpsonci

multinomORci: Simultaneous confidence intervals for odds ratios comparing...

plotCI: Plot confidence intervals

plotCII: Plot confidence intervals

plot.sci: Plot confidence intervals

poly3ci: Simultaneous confidence intervals for contrasts of...

poly3est: Only for internal use.

poly3estf: Only for internal use.

poly3table: Summarize long term carcinogenicity data

poly3test: Approximate simultaneous test for poly-3-adjusted tumour...

powerbinom: Approximate power for multiple contrast tests of binomial...

powermcpn: Approximative power calculation for multiple contrast tests

powermcpt: Testversion. Power calculation for multiple contrast tests...

PQln: Generalized pivotal quantity for log expected values of...

printfunctions: Print methods for the classes in this package

print.multinomORci: Print out put of multinomORci

scalechoice: Only for internal use.

SCSrank: Compute a rectangular simultaneous confidence set from a...

Shannon: Shannon index

Shannonci: Confidence intervals for multiple contrasts of Shannon...

Simpson: Calculate the Simpson index

Simpsonci: Confidence intervals for differences of Simpson indices

summary.binomORci: Detailed print out for binomORci

summary.binomRDci: Detailed print out for binomRDci

summary.binomRDtest: Detailed print out for binomRDtest

summary.binomRRci: Detailed print out for binomRRci

summary.poly3est: Detailed print out for poly3est

summary.Shannonci: Summary for Shannonci

summary.Simpsonci: Summary function for Simpsonci

Waldci: Simultaneous Wald confidence intervals

Waldtest: Simultaneous Wald tests

Files in this package

MCPAN/R/Waldci.R MCPAN/R/poly3table.R MCPAN/R/multinomORci.R MCPAN/R/summary.binomRRci.R MCPAN/R/Shannon.R MCPAN/R/lndest.R MCPAN/R/poly3ci.R MCPAN/R/lndci.R MCPAN/R/lnrest.R MCPAN/R/censsamplef.R MCPAN/R/Waldtest.R MCPAN/R/poly3est.R MCPAN/R/mosaicShannonSimpson.R MCPAN/R/poly3estf.R MCPAN/R/powermcpt.R MCPAN/R/powerbinom.R MCPAN/R/summary.binomRDtest.R MCPAN/R/print.poly3est.R MCPAN/R/print.binomRDtest.R MCPAN/R/censsample.R MCPAN/R/corrMatgen.R MCPAN/R/SCSrank.R MCPAN/R/print.poly3ci.R MCPAN/R/Simpson.R MCPAN/R/print.binomRRci.R MCPAN/R/print.poly3test.R MCPAN/R/PQln.R MCPAN/R/binomRDci.R MCPAN/R/scalechoice.R MCPAN/R/powermcpn.R MCPAN/R/binomORci.R MCPAN/R/binomRDtest.R MCPAN/R/summary.binomORci.R MCPAN/R/binomRRci.R MCPAN/R/summary.binomRDci.R MCPAN/R/print.binomRDci.R MCPAN/R/print.binomORci.R MCPAN/R/plotCI.R MCPAN/R/lnrci.R MCPAN/R/poly3test.R MCPAN/R/binomest.R
MCPAN/man/poly3table.Rd MCPAN/man/estSimpson.Rd MCPAN/man/HCD.Rd MCPAN/man/plot.sci.Rd MCPAN/man/powerbinom.Rd MCPAN/man/Simpson.Rd MCPAN/man/summary.Shannonci.Rd MCPAN/man/Waldci.Rd MCPAN/man/censsamplef.Rd MCPAN/man/binomRDci.Rd MCPAN/man/summary.poly3est.Rd MCPAN/man/summary.Simpsonci.Rd MCPAN/man/scalechoice.Rd MCPAN/man/poly3estf.Rd MCPAN/man/binomRRci.Rd MCPAN/man/plotCII.Rd MCPAN/man/PQln.Rd MCPAN/man/lnrci.Rd MCPAN/man/poly3est.Rd MCPAN/man/plotCI.Rd MCPAN/man/Simpsonci.Rd MCPAN/man/summary.binomRDci.Rd MCPAN/man/print.multinomORci.Rd MCPAN/man/liarozole.Rd MCPAN/man/binomRDtest.Rd MCPAN/man/lndest.Rd MCPAN/man/poly3ci.Rd MCPAN/man/corrMatgen.Rd MCPAN/man/methyl.Rd MCPAN/man/estShannon.Rd MCPAN/man/mosaicplot.Shannonci.Rd MCPAN/man/binomest.Rd MCPAN/man/Waldtest.Rd MCPAN/man/MCPAN-package.Rd MCPAN/man/summary.binomRDtest.Rd MCPAN/man/estShannonf.Rd MCPAN/man/Shannonci.Rd MCPAN/man/bronch.Rd MCPAN/man/poly3test.Rd MCPAN/man/powermcpn.Rd MCPAN/man/binomORci.Rd MCPAN/man/estSimpsonf.Rd MCPAN/man/multinomORci.Rd MCPAN/man/summary.binomORci.Rd MCPAN/man/Shannon.Rd MCPAN/man/printfunctions.Rd MCPAN/man/powermcpt.Rd MCPAN/man/summary.binomRRci.Rd MCPAN/man/SCSrank.Rd MCPAN/man/censsample.Rd

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