Man pages for MCPAN
Multiple Comparisons Using Normal Approximation

binomestOnly for internal use.
binomORciSimultaneous confidence intervals for odds ratios
binomRDciSimultaneous confidence intervals for contrasts of...
binomRDtestSimultaneous test for contrasts of independent binomial...
binomRRciSimultaneous confidence intervals for ratios of independent...
bronchRodent bronchial carcinoma data
censsampleRandom data for Poly-k
censsamplefRandom data for Poly-k
corrMatgenA function to calculate the correlation matrix
estShannonEstimate the Shannon Index
estShannonfEstimate the Shannon-Wiener index
estSimpsonSimpson index
estSimpsonfEstimate the Simpson index from several samples
HCDHell Creek Dinosaur Data
liarozoleMarked improvement of psoriasis after application of...
lndestPoint and varioance estimates for expected and log(expected...
lnrciSimultaneous confidence intervals for expected values...
MCPAN-packageMultiple comparison procedures based on normal approximation...
methylNTP bioassay data: effect of methyleugenol on skin fibroma
mosaicplot.ShannonciMosaicplot for the data in Shannonci and Simpsonci
multinomORciSimultaneous confidence intervals for odds ratios comparing...
plotCIPlot confidence intervals
plotCIIPlot confidence intervals
plot.sciPlot confidence intervals
poly3ciSimultaneous confidence intervals for contrasts of...
poly3estOnly for internal use.
poly3estfOnly for internal use.
poly3tableSummarize long term carcinogenicity data
poly3testApproximate simultaneous test for poly-3-adjusted tumour...
powerbinomApproximate power for multiple contrast tests of binomial...
powermcpnApproximative power calculation for multiple contrast tests
powermcptTestversion. Power calculation for multiple contrast tests...
PQlnGeneralized pivotal quantity for log expected values of...
printfunctionsPrint methods for the classes in this package
print.multinomORciPrint out put of multinomORci
scalechoiceOnly for internal use.
SCSrankCompute a rectangular simultaneous confidence set from a...
ShannonShannon index
ShannonciConfidence intervals for multiple contrasts of Shannon...
SimpsonCalculate the Simpson index
SimpsonciConfidence intervals for differences of Simpson indices
summary.binomORciDetailed print out for binomORci
summary.binomRDciDetailed print out for binomRDci
summary.binomRDtestDetailed print out for binomRDtest
summary.binomRRciDetailed print out for binomRRci
summary.poly3estDetailed print out for poly3est
summary.ShannonciSummary for Shannonci
summary.SimpsonciSummary function for Simpsonci
WaldciSimultaneous Wald confidence intervals
WaldtestSimultaneous Wald tests
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