MESS: Miscellaneous Esoteric Statistical Scripts

A mixed collection of useful and semi-useful diverse statistical functions, some of which may even be referenced in The R Primer book.

AuthorClaus Ekstrøm <>
Date of publication2016-06-21 22:44:19
MaintainerClaus Ekstrøm <>

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Man pages

adaptive.weights: Compute weights for use with adaptive lasso.

age: Compute the age of a person from two dates.

auc: Compute the area under the curve for two vectors.

bdstat: Danish live births and deaths

bees: Bee data. Number of different types of bees caught.

clotting: Blood clotting for 158 rats

cmd: Correlation matrix distance

col.alpha: Add and set alpha channel for RGB color

col.shade: Shade an RGB color

col.tint: Tint an RGB color

common.shared: Compute a common shared environment matrix

drop1.geeglm: Drop All Possible Single Terms to a geeglm Model Using Wald...

earthquakes: Earthquakes in 2015

extended.shared: Compute a common shared environment matrix

fac2num: Convert factor to numeric vector

feature.test: Inference for features identified by the Lasso

filldown: Fill down NA with the last observed observation

geekin: Fit a generalized estimating equation (GEE) model with fixed...

gkgamma: Goodman-Kruskal's gamma statistic for a two-dimensional table

greenland: Average yearly summer air temperature for Tasiilaq, Greenland

happiness: Happiness score and tax rates for 148 countries

ht: Show the head and tail of an object

icecreamads: Ice cream consumption and advertising

kwdata: Non-parametric Kruskal Wallis data example

lifeexpect: Estimated life expectancy for Danish newborns

lower.tri.vector: Split Matrix by Clusters and Return Lower Triangular Parts as...

matched: Flu hospitalization

MESS: Collection of miscellaneous useful and semi-useful functions

mfastLm_cpp: Fast marginal simple regresion analyses

nh4: Ammonia nitrogen found in river

ordered.clusters: Check if unique elements of a vector appear in contiguous...

panel.hist: Panel plot of histogram and density curve

panel.r2: Panel plot of R2 values for pairs

picea: Ozone concentration damage to picea spruce

power.binom.test: Power Calculations for Exact Test of a simple null hypothesis...

power.mcnemar.test: Power Calculations for Exact and Asymptotic McNemar Test in a...

power.t.test: Power calculations for one and two sample t tests with...

qdiag: Fast extraction of matrix diagonal

QIC: Quasi Information Criterion

qpcr: Gene expression from real-time quantitative PCR

quadform: Fast quadratic form computation

rainman: Perception of points in a swarm

repmat: Fast replication of a matrix

residualplot: Plots a standardaized residual

rmvtnorm.pedigree: Simulate residual multivariate Gaussian data from a polygenic...

rmvt.pedigree: Simulate residual multivariate t-distributed data from a...

rootonorm: Hanging rootogram for normal distribution

scorefct: Internal functions for the MESS package

segregate.genes: Segregate genes through a pedigree

sinv: Invert a symmetric positive-definite matrix

smokehealth: Effect of smoking on self reported health

soccer: Danish national soccer players

superroot2: Gene expression data from two-color dye-swap experiment

tracemp: Fast computation of trace of matrix product

wallyplot: Plots a Wally plot

write.xml: Write a data frame in XML format


adaptive.weights Man page
age Man page
auc Man page
bdstat Man page
bees Man page
clotting Man page
cmd Man page
col.alpha Man page
col.shade Man page
col.tint Man page
common.shared Man page
common.shared.pedigree Man page
common.shared.pedigreeList Man page
drop1.geeglm Man page
earthquakes Man page
extended.shared Man page
extended.shared.pedigree Man page
extended.shared.pedigreeList Man page
fac2num Man page
feature.test Man page
filldown Man page
geekin Man page
gkgamma Man page
greenland Man page
happiness Man page
ht Man page
icecreamads Man page
kwdata Man page
lifeexpect Man page
lower.tri.vector Man page
matched Man page
MESS Man page
MESS-package Man page
mfastLm_cpp Man page
nh4 Man page
ordered.clusters Man page
panel.hist Man page
panel.r2 Man page
picea Man page
power.binom.test Man page
power.mcnemar.test Man page
power.t.test Man page
print.geekin Man page
qdiag Man page
QIC Man page
QIC.geeglm Man page
QIC.geekin Man page
QIC.ordgee Man page
qpcr Man page
quadform Man page
rainman Man page
repmat Man page
residualplot Man page
residualplot.default Man page
residualplot.lm Man page
rmvtnorm.pedigree Man page
rmvt.pedigree Man page
rootogram Man page
rootonorm Man page
scorefct Man page
segregate.genes Man page
sinv Man page
smokehealth Man page
soccer Man page
superroot2 Man page
tracemp Man page
wallyplot Man page
wallyplot.default Man page
wallyplot.lm Man page
write.xml Man page


MESS/R/ht.R MESS/R/panel.R MESS/R/feature.test.R MESS/R/rootonorm.R MESS/R/qic.R MESS/R/rmvtnorm.pedigree.R MESS/R/fitted.geese.R MESS/R/wallyplot.R MESS/R/ordered.clusters.R MESS/R/age.R MESS/R/fac2num.R MESS/R/colorfunctions.R MESS/R/power.mcnemar.test.R MESS/R/common.shared.R MESS/R/writexml.R MESS/R/geekin.R MESS/R/residualplot.R MESS/R/sinv.R MESS/R/lower.tri.vector.R MESS/R/RcppExports.R MESS/R/power.binom.test.R MESS/R/segregate.genes.R
MESS/R/MESS-package.R MESS/R/drop1.geeglm.R MESS/R/adaptive.weights.R MESS/R/power.t.test.R MESS/R/auc.R MESS/R/scorefct.R MESS/R/extended.shared.R MESS/R/gkgamma.R
MESS/man/mfastLm_cpp.Rd MESS/man/rootonorm.Rd MESS/man/filldown.Rd MESS/man/clotting.Rd MESS/man/qpcr.Rd MESS/man/panel.hist.Rd MESS/man/col.tint.Rd MESS/man/rmvt.pedigree.Rd MESS/man/soccer.Rd MESS/man/repmat.Rd MESS/man/picea.Rd MESS/man/lower.tri.vector.Rd MESS/man/residualplot.Rd MESS/man/power.binom.test.Rd MESS/man/ordered.clusters.Rd MESS/man/fac2num.Rd MESS/man/lifeexpect.Rd MESS/man/col.alpha.Rd MESS/man/feature.test.Rd MESS/man/panel.r2.Rd MESS/man/cmd.Rd MESS/man/MESS.Rd MESS/man/matched.Rd MESS/man/quadform.Rd MESS/man/rainman.Rd MESS/man/drop1.geeglm.Rd MESS/man/ht.Rd MESS/man/sinv.Rd MESS/man/auc.Rd MESS/man/superroot2.Rd MESS/man/scorefct.Rd MESS/man/bees.Rd MESS/man/QIC.Rd MESS/man/adaptive.weights.Rd MESS/man/gkgamma.Rd MESS/man/rmvtnorm.pedigree.Rd MESS/man/wallyplot.Rd MESS/man/kwdata.Rd MESS/man/greenland.Rd MESS/man/smokehealth.Rd MESS/man/icecreamads.Rd MESS/man/col.shade.Rd MESS/man/segregate.genes.Rd MESS/man/age.Rd MESS/man/power.mcnemar.test.Rd MESS/man/earthquakes.Rd MESS/man/bdstat.Rd MESS/man/tracemp.Rd MESS/man/extended.shared.Rd MESS/man/write.xml.Rd MESS/man/common.shared.Rd MESS/man/geekin.Rd MESS/man/happiness.Rd MESS/man/nh4.Rd MESS/man/power.t.test.Rd MESS/man/qdiag.Rd

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