Man pages for MESS
Miscellaneous Esoteric Statistical Scripts

adaptive.weightsCompute weights for use with adaptive lasso.
add_torowsFast addition of vector to each row of matrix
ageCompute the age of a person from two dates.
aucCompute the area under the curve for two vectors.
bdstatDanish live births and deaths
beesBee data. Number of different types of bees caught.
binFast binning of numeric vector into equidistant bins
categorizeA table function to use with magrittr pipes
clottingBlood clotting for 158 rats
cmdCorrelation matrix distance
col.alphaAdd and set alpha channel for RGB color
colCumSumApply cumsum to each column of matrix
col.shadeShade an RGB color
col.tintTint an RGB color
common.sharedCompute a common shared environment matrix
conditional_rowMeansForm row means conditional on number of non-missing
cumsumbinningBinning based on cumulative sum with reset above threshold
dCorFast distance correlation matrix
dCovFast distance covariance matrix
drop1.geeglmDrop All Possible Single Terms to a geeglm Model Using Wald...
drop1.geemDrop All Possible Single Terms to a geem Model Using Wald or...
earthquakesEarthquakes in 2015
expand_tableExpand table or matrix to data frame
extended.sharedCompute a common shared environment matrix
fac2numConvert factor to numeric vector
feature.testInference for features identified by the Lasso
filldownFill down NA with the last observed observation
founder.sharedCompute a common shared environment matrix
geekinFit a generalized estimating equation (GEE) model with fixed...
gkgammaGoodman-Kruskal's gamma statistic for a two-dimensional table
greenlandAverage yearly summer air temperature for Tasiilaq, Greenland
happinessHappiness score and tax rates for 148 countries
htShow the head and tail of an object
hwe_frequenciesFast estimation of allele and genotype frequencies under...
icecreamadsIce cream consumption and advertising
ks_cumtestKolmogorov-Smirnov goodness of fit test for cumulative...
kwdataNon-parametric Kruskal Wallis data example
lifeexpectEstimated life expectancy for Danish newborns
lower.tri.vectorSplit Matrix by Clusters and Return Lower Triangular Parts as...
matchedFlu hospitalization
maximum_subarrayFast computation of maximum sum subarray
MESSCollection of miscellaneous useful and semi-useful functions
mfastLmCppFast marginal simple regresion analyses
monte_carlo_chisq_testTwo-sided table test with fixed margins
nh4Ammonia nitrogen found in river
ordered.clustersCheck if unique elements of a vector appear in contiguous...
pairwise_combination_indicesCompute all pairwise combinations of indices
pairwise.cor.testPairwise Tests for Association/Correlation Between Paired...
pairwise_Schur_productCompute Schur products (element-wise) of all pairwise...
panel.histPanel plot of histogram and density curve
panel.r2Panel plot of R2 values for pairs
piceaOzone concentration damage to picea spruce
plrFast computation of several simple linear regressions
power_binom_testPower Calculations for Exact Test of a simple null hypothesis...
power_mcnemar_testPower Calculations for Exact and Asymptotic McNemar Test in a...
power_prop_testPower Calculations for Two-Sample Test for Proportions with...
power_t_testPower calculations for one and two sample t tests with...
prepost.testPretest-posttest RCT for quantitative observations with...
qdiagFast extraction of matrix diagonal
QICQuasi Information Criterion
qpcrGene expression from real-time quantitative PCR
quadformFast quadratic form computation
rainmanPerception of points in a swarm
repmatFast replication of a matrix
residualplotPlots a standardized residual
residual_plotPlots a standardized residual
rmvtnorm.pedigreeSimulate residual multivariate Gaussian data from a polygenic...
rmvt.pedigreeSimulate residual multivariate t-distributed data from a...
rnorm_perfectSimulate values from a perfect normal distribution
rootonormHanging rootogram for normal distribution
round_percentRound vector of number to percentages
rudSimulate randomized urn design
scorefctInternal functions for the MESS package
screen_variablesScreen variable before penalized regression
segregate.genesSegregate genes through a pedigree
sinvInvert a symmetric positive-definite matrix
smokehealthEffect of smoking on self reported health
soccerDanish national soccer players
superroot2Gene expression data from two-color dye-swap experiment
tracempFast computation of trace of matrix product
usdUnbiased standard deviation
wallyplotPlots a Wally plot
write.xmlWrite a data frame in XML format
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