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Effect Size and Confidence Interval Calculator

apaAPA Format
bn1_dataBetween Subjects One-way ANOVA Example Data
bn2_dataBetween Subjects Two-way ANOVA Example Data
chisq_dataChi-Square Example Data
d.dep.t.avgd for Dependent t with Average SD Denominator
d.dep.t.diffd for Dependent t with SD Difference Scores Denominator from t for Repeated Measures with SD Difference Scores...
d.dep.t.rmd for Repeated Measures with Average SD Denominator for Between Subjects with Control Group SD...
dept_dataDependent t Example Data for Between Subjects with Pooled SD Denominator from t for Between Subjects
d.propd for Independent Proportions for Single t from Means for Single t from t and Coefficient of Determination (R2) from d
d.z.meand for Z-test from Population Mean and SD
d.z.zd from z-statistic for Z-test
epsilon.full.SSEpsilon for ANOVA from F and Sum of Squares
eta.FEta and Coefficient of Determination (R2) for ANOVA from F
eta.full.SSEta for ANOVA from F and Sum of Squares
eta.partial.SSPartial Eta Squared for ANOVA from F and Sum of Squares
ges.partial.SS.mixPartial Generalized Eta-Squared for Mixed Design ANOVA from F
ges.partial.SS.rmPartial Generalized Eta-Squared for ANOVA from F Corrected for Independent t
indt_dataIndependent t Example Data
mix2_dataMixed Two-way ANOVA Example Data
oddsChi-Square Odds Ratios
omega.FOmega Squared for ANOVA from F
omega.full.SSOmega Squared for One-Way and Multi-Way ANOVA from F
omega.gen.SS.rmGeneralized Omega Squared for Multi-Way and Mixed ANOVA from...
omega.partial.SS.bnPartial Omega Squared for Between Subjects ANOVA from F
omega.partial.SS.rmPartial Omega Squared for Repeated Measures ANOVA from F
r.correlr to Coefficient of Determination (R2) from F
rm1_dataRepeated Measures Oneway ANOVA Example Data
rm2_dataRepeated Measures Two-way ANOVA Example Data
singt_dataSingle Sample t Example Data
v.chi.sqV for Chi-Square
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