rm2_data: Repeated Measures Two-way ANOVA Example Data

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Dataset for use in omega.partial.SS.rm and other repeated measures ANOVA designs. This dataset includes a group variable used for mixed repeated measures designs, a subject number, and two repeated measures variables. These variables include FSG (forward strength) which is a measure of the relation between two words like cheddar to cheese. The second variable is BSG (backward strength), which is the opposite relation (cheese to cheddar). Participants rated those word pairs in and the strength of FSG and BSG was manipulated to measure overestimation of strength.




A data frame of ratings of word pair relation

group: A between-subjects variable indicating the type of instructions subject: A subject number fsglobsglo: A repeated measures condition of low FSG-BSG fsghihbsglo: A repeated measures condition of high FSG, low BSG fsglobsghi: A repeated measures condition of low FSG, high BSG fsghibsghi: A repeated measures condition of high FSG-BSG

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