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Sparse and Dense Matrix Classes and Methods

abIndex-classClass "abIndex" of Abstract Index Vectors
abIseqSequence Generation of "abIndex", Abstract Index Vectors
all.equal-methodsMatrix Package Methods for Function all.equal()
atomicVector-classVirtual Class "atomicVector" of Atomic Vectors
bandExtract bands of a matrix
bandSparseConstruct Sparse Banded Matrix from (Sup-/Super-) Diagonals
bdiagConstruct a Block Diagonal Matrix
boolean-matprodBoolean Arithmetic Matrix Products: '%&%' and Methods
BunchKaufman-classDense Bunch-Kaufman Factorizations
BunchKaufman-methodsMethods for Bunch-Kaufman Factorization
CAexAlbers' example Matrix with "Difficult" Eigen Factorization
cBind'cbind()' and 'rbind()' recursively built on cbind2/rbind2
CHMfactor-classSparse Cholesky Factorizations
cholCompute the Cholesky Factor of a Matrix
chol2inv-methodsInverse from Cholesky Factor
CholeskyMethods for Cholesky Factorization
Cholesky-classDense Cholesky Factorizations
colSumsForm Row and Column Sums and Means
compMatrix-classClass "compMatrix" of Composite (Factorizable) Matrices
condestCompute Approximate CONDition number and 1-Norm of (Large)...
CsparseMatrix-classClass "CsparseMatrix" of Sparse Matrices in Column-compressed...
ddenseMatrix-classVirtual Class "ddenseMatrix" of Numeric Dense Matrices
ddiMatrix-classClass "ddiMatrix" of Diagonal Numeric Matrices
denseMatrix-classVirtual Class "denseMatrix" of All Dense Matrices
dgCMatrix-classCompressed, sparse, column-oriented numeric matrices
dgeMatrix-classClass "dgeMatrix" of Dense Numeric (S4 Class) Matrices
dgRMatrix-classSparse Compressed, Row-oriented Numeric Matrices
dgTMatrix-classSparse matrices in triplet form
DiagonalConstruct a Diagonal Matrix
diagonalMatrix-classClass "diagonalMatrix" of Diagonal Matrices
diagU2NTransform Triangular Matrices from Unit Triangular to General...
dimScaleScale the Rows and Columns of a Matrix
dMatrix-class(Virtual) Class "dMatrix" of "double" Matrices
dmpermDulmage-Mendelsohn Permutation / Decomposition
dpoMatrix-classPositive Semi-definite Dense (Packed | Non-packed) Numeric...
drop0Drop Non-Structural Zeros from a Sparse Matrix
dsCMatrix-classNumeric Symmetric Sparse (column compressed) Matrices
dsparseMatrix-classVirtual Class "dsparseMatrix" of Numeric Sparse Matrices
dsRMatrix-classSymmetric Sparse Compressed Row Matrices
dsyMatrix-classSymmetric Dense (Packed or Unpacked) Numeric Matrices
dtCMatrix-classTriangular, (compressed) sparse column matrices
dtpMatrix-classPacked Triangular Dense Matrices - "dtpMatrix"
dtrMatrix-classTriangular, dense, numeric matrices
dtRMatrix-class-defTriangular Sparse Compressed Row Matrices
expandExpand Matrix Factorizations
expmMatrix Exponential
externalFormatsRead and write external matrix formats
facmulMultiplication by Factors from Matrix Factorizations
fastMisc"Low Level" Coercions and Methods
forceSymmetricForce a Matrix to 'symmetricMatrix' Without Symmetry Checks
formatSparseMFormatting Sparse Numeric Matrices Utilities
generalMatrix-classClass "generalMatrix" of General Matrices
graph2TConversions "graph" <-> (sparse) Matrix
HilbertGenerate a Hilbert matrix
image-methodsMethods for image() in Package 'Matrix'
index-classVirtual Class "index" - Simple Class for Matrix Indices
indMatrix-classIndex Matrices
invPermUtilities for Permutation Vectors, is.finite() Methods for 'Matrix' Objects
is.null.DNAre the Dimnames 'dn' NULL-like ?
isSymmetric-methodsMethods for Function 'isSymmetric' in Package 'Matrix'
isTriangularTest whether a Matrix is Triangular or Diagonal
KhatriRaoKhatri-Rao Matrix Product
KNexKoenker-Ng Example Sparse Model Matrix and Response Vector
kronecker-methodsMethods for Function 'kronecker()' in Package 'Matrix'
ldenseMatrix-classVirtual Class "ldenseMatrix" of Dense Logical Matrices
ldiMatrix-classClass "ldiMatrix" of Diagonal Logical Matrices
lgeMatrix-classClass "lgeMatrix" of General Dense Logical Matrices
lsparseMatrix-classesSparse logical matrices
lsyMatrix-classSymmetric Dense Logical Matrices
ltrMatrix-classTriangular Dense Logical Matrices
luMethods for LU Factorization
LU-classDense LU Factorizations
mat2tripletMap Matrix to its Triplet Representation
MatrixConstruct a Classed Matrix
Matrix-classVirtual Class "Matrix" of Matrices
MatrixClassThe Matrix (Super-) Class of a Class
Matrix-defunctDefunct Functions in Package 'Matrix'
Matrix-deprecatedDeprecated Functions in Package 'Matrix'
MatrixFactorization-classVirtual Class "MatrixFactorization" of Matrix Factorizations
matrix-productsMatrix (Cross) Products (of Transpose)
ndenseMatrix-classVirtual Class "ndenseMatrix" of Dense Logical Matrices
nearPDNearest Positive Definite Matrix
ngeMatrix-classClass "ngeMatrix" of General Dense Nonzero-pattern Matrices
nMatrix-classClass "nMatrix" of Non-zero Pattern Matrices
nnzeroThe Number of Non-Zero Values of a Matrix
normMatrix Norms
nsparseMatrix-classesSparse "pattern" Matrices
nsyMatrix-classSymmetric Dense Nonzero-Pattern Matrices
ntrMatrix-classTriangular Dense Logical Matrices
number-classClass "number" of Possibly Complex Numbers
packedMatrix-classVirtual Class '"packedMatrix"' of Packed Dense Matrices
pMatrix-classPermutation matrices
printSpMatrixFormat and Print Sparse Matrices Flexibly
qr-methodsMethods for QR Factorization
rankMatrixRank of a Matrix
rcondEstimate the Reciprocal Condition Number
rep2abIReplicate Vectors into 'abIndex' Result
replValue-classVirtual Class "replValue" - Simple Class for Subassignment...
rleDiff-classClass "rleDiff" of rle(diff(.)) Stored Vectors
rsparsematrixRandom Sparse Matrix
RsparseMatrix-classClass "RsparseMatrix" of Sparse Matrices in Row-compressed...
SchurMethods for Schur Factorization
Schur-classSchur Factorizations
solve-methodsMethods in Package 'Matrix' for Function 'solve'
sparseLU-classSparse LU Factorizations
sparseMatrixGeneral Sparse Matrix Construction from Nonzero Entries
sparseMatrix-classVirtual Class "sparseMatrix" - Mother of Sparse Matrices
SparseM-convSparse Matrix Coercion from and to those from package...
sparse.model.matrixConstruct Sparse Design / Model Matrices
sparseQR-classSparse QR Factorizations
sparseVectorSparse Vector Construction from Nonzero Entries
sparseVector-classSparse Vector Classes
spMatrixSparse Matrix Constructor From Triplet
Subassign-methodsMethods for "[<-" - Assigning to Subsets for 'Matrix'
symmetricMatrix-classVirtual Class of Symmetric Matrices in Package Matrix
symmpartSymmetric Part and Skew(symmetric) Part of a Matrix
triangularMatrix-classVirtual Class of Triangular Matrices in Package Matrix
TsparseMatrix-classClass "TsparseMatrix" of Sparse Matrices in Triplet Form
uniqTsparseStandardize a Sparse Matrix in Triplet Format
unpackRepresentation of Packed and Unpacked Dense Matrices
unpackedMatrix-classVirtual Class '"unpackedMatrix"' of Unpacked Dense Matrices
unused-classesVirtual Classes Not Yet Really Implemented and Used
updownUpdating and Downdating Sparse Cholesky Factorizations
USCountiesContiguity Matrix of U.S. Counties
wrld_1degContiguity Matrix of World One-Degree Grid Cells
Xtrct-methodsMethods for "[": Extraction or Subsetting in Package 'Matrix'
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