McSpatial: Nonparametric spatial data analysis

Locally weighted regression, semiparametric and conditionally parametric regression, fourier and cubic spline functions, GMM and linearized spatial logit and probit, k-density functions and counterfactuals, nonparametric quantile regression and conditional density functions, Machado-Mata decomposition for quantile regressions, spatial AR model, repeat sales models, conditionally parametric logit and probit

AuthorDaniel McMillen
Date of publication2013-05-26 11:08:53
MaintainerDaniel McMillen <>

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Man pages

condens: Conditional density estimation

CookCensusTracts: Shapefile of Census Tracts in Cook County for 2000

cookdata: Data set associated with CookCensusTracts shape file

cparlogit: Conditionally Parametric logit for two or more choices

cparlwr: Conditionally Parametric LWR Estimation

cparlwrgrid: Conditionally parametric LWR regression bandwidth or window...

cparmlogit: Conditionally parametric logit for two or more choices

cparprobit: Conditionally Parametric probit for two choices

cubespline: Smooth cubic spline estimation

dfldens: Counterfactual Kernel Density Functions

dupage99: DuPage County assessment ratio data set

fourier: Fourier expansion smoothing

geodensity: Kernel density functions for geo-coded data

geodistance: Calculates distances using the great circle formula

geogravity: Gravity matrix and gravity variable calculations

geoshape: Calculates distances between a shape file and a set of...

gmmlogit: GMM Spatial Logit

gmmprobit: GMM Spatial Probit

kdensity: K-density functions for distances between geographic...

ksim: Estimates K-density functions with local or global confidence...

lwr: Locally Weighted Regression

lwrgrid: LWR Bandwidth or Window Selection

maketarget: Target Points for Nonparametric Models

makew: Calculation of spatial weight matrices

matchdata: Matched samples of house sales in Chicago for 1995 and 2005

matchmahal: Matched sample data frame based on mahalanobis distances

matchprop: Matched sample data frame based on propensity scores

matchqreg: Sample quantiles and means over time for a matched sample...

McSpatial-package: Nonparametric spatial data analysis

qregbmat: Quantile Regression for Multiple Quantiles

qregcdf: Nonparametric quantiles based on conditional CDF functions

qregcpar: Conditionally Parametric LWR Quantile Estimation

qreglwr: Locally Weighted Quantile Regression

qregsim1: Changes in Distributions Implied by Quantile Regression...

qregsim2: Machado-Mata Decomposition of Changes in Distributions

qregspiv: IV Estimator for the Spatial AR Quantile Model

repsale: Repeat Sales Estimation

repsaledata: Preparation of a Repeat Sales Data Set

repsalefourier: Repeat Sales Estimation using Fourier Expansions

repsaleqreg: Quantile Repeat Sales Estimation

sarml: Spatial AR Maximum-Likelihood Estimation

semip: Semi-Parametric Regression

smooth12: Univariate or Bivariate Interpolation

splogit: Linearized GMM spatial logit

spprobit: Linearized GMM spatial probit

spprobitml: Maximum Likelihood Estimation of a Spatial Probit Model


condens Man page
CookCensusTracts Man page
cookdata Man page
cparlogit Man page
cparlwr Man page
cparlwrgrid Man page
cparmlogit Man page
cparprobit Man page
cubespline Man page
dfldens Man page
dupage99 Man page
fourier Man page
geodensity Man page
geodistance Man page
geogravity Man page
geoshape Man page
gmmlogit Man page
gmmprobit Man page
kdensity Man page
ksim Man page
lwr Man page
lwrgrid Man page
maketarget Man page
makew Man page
matchdata Man page
matchmahal Man page
matchprop Man page
matchqreg Man page
McSpatial Man page
McSpatial-package Man page
qregbmat Man page
qregcdf Man page
qregcpar Man page
qreglwr Man page
qregsim1 Man page
qregsim2 Man page
qregspiv Man page
repsale Man page
repsaledata Man page
repsalefourier Man page
repsaleqreg Man page
sarml Man page
semip Man page
smooth12 Man page
splogit Man page
spprobit Man page
spprobitml Man page


McSpatial/man/spprobitml.Rd McSpatial/man/spprobit.Rd McSpatial/man/splogit.Rd McSpatial/man/smooth12.Rd McSpatial/man/semip.Rd McSpatial/man/sarml.Rd McSpatial/man/repsaleqreg.Rd McSpatial/man/repsalefourier.Rd McSpatial/man/repsaledata.Rd McSpatial/man/repsale.Rd McSpatial/man/qregspiv.Rd McSpatial/man/qregsim2.Rd McSpatial/man/qregsim1.Rd McSpatial/man/qreglwr.Rd McSpatial/man/qregcpar.Rd McSpatial/man/qregcdf.Rd McSpatial/man/qregbmat.Rd McSpatial/man/matchqreg.Rd McSpatial/man/matchprop.Rd McSpatial/man/matchmahal.Rd McSpatial/man/matchdata.Rd McSpatial/man/makew.Rd McSpatial/man/maketarget.Rd McSpatial/man/lwrgrid.Rd McSpatial/man/lwr.Rd McSpatial/man/ksim.Rd McSpatial/man/kdensity.Rd McSpatial/man/gmmprobit.Rd McSpatial/man/gmmlogit.Rd McSpatial/man/geoshape.Rd McSpatial/man/geogravity.Rd McSpatial/man/geodistance.Rd McSpatial/man/geodensity.Rd McSpatial/man/fourier.Rd McSpatial/man/dupage99.Rd McSpatial/man/dfldens.Rd McSpatial/man/cubespline.Rd McSpatial/man/cparprobit.Rd McSpatial/man/cparmlogit.Rd McSpatial/man/cparlwrgrid.Rd McSpatial/man/cparlwr.Rd McSpatial/man/cparlogit.Rd McSpatial/man/cookdata.Rd McSpatial/man/condens.Rd McSpatial/man/McSpatial-package.Rd McSpatial/man/CookCensusTracts.Rd
McSpatial/R/spprobitml.R McSpatial/R/spprobit.R McSpatial/R/splogit.R McSpatial/R/smooth12.R McSpatial/R/semip.R McSpatial/R/sarml.R McSpatial/R/repsaleqreg.R McSpatial/R/repsalefourier.R McSpatial/R/repsaledata.R McSpatial/R/repsale.R McSpatial/R/qregspiv.R McSpatial/R/qregsim2.R McSpatial/R/qregsim1.R McSpatial/R/qreglwr.R McSpatial/R/qregcpar.R McSpatial/R/qregcdf.R McSpatial/R/qregbmat.R McSpatial/R/matchqreg.R McSpatial/R/matchprop.R McSpatial/R/matchmahal.R McSpatial/R/makew.R McSpatial/R/maketarget.R McSpatial/R/lwrgrid.R McSpatial/R/lwr.R McSpatial/R/ksim.R McSpatial/R/kdensity.R McSpatial/R/gmmprobit.R McSpatial/R/gmmlogit.R McSpatial/R/geoshape.R McSpatial/R/geogravity.R McSpatial/R/geodistance.R McSpatial/R/geodensity.R McSpatial/R/fourier.R McSpatial/R/dfldens.R McSpatial/R/cubespline.R McSpatial/R/cparprobit.R McSpatial/R/cparmlogit.R McSpatial/R/cparlwrgrid.R McSpatial/R/cparlwr.R McSpatial/R/cparlogit.R McSpatial/R/condens.R McSpatial/R/McSpatial-internal.R

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