Man pages for McSpatial
Nonparametric spatial data analysis

condensConditional density estimation
CookCensusTractsShapefile of Census Tracts in Cook County for 2000
cookdataData set associated with CookCensusTracts shape file
cparlogitConditionally Parametric logit for two or more choices
cparlwrConditionally Parametric LWR Estimation
cparlwrgridConditionally parametric LWR regression bandwidth or window...
cparmlogitConditionally parametric logit for two or more choices
cparprobitConditionally Parametric probit for two choices
cubesplineSmooth cubic spline estimation
dfldensCounterfactual Kernel Density Functions
dupage99DuPage County assessment ratio data set
fourierFourier expansion smoothing
geodensityKernel density functions for geo-coded data
geodistanceCalculates distances using the great circle formula
geogravityGravity matrix and gravity variable calculations
geoshapeCalculates distances between a shape file and a set of...
gmmlogitGMM Spatial Logit
gmmprobitGMM Spatial Probit
kdensityK-density functions for distances between geographic...
ksimEstimates K-density functions with local or global confidence...
lwrLocally Weighted Regression
lwrgridLWR Bandwidth or Window Selection
maketargetTarget Points for Nonparametric Models
makewCalculation of spatial weight matrices
matchdataMatched samples of house sales in Chicago for 1995 and 2005
matchmahalMatched sample data frame based on mahalanobis distances
matchpropMatched sample data frame based on propensity scores
matchqregSample quantiles and means over time for a matched sample...
McSpatial-packageNonparametric spatial data analysis
qregbmatQuantile Regression for Multiple Quantiles
qregcdfNonparametric quantiles based on conditional CDF functions
qregcparConditionally Parametric LWR Quantile Estimation
qreglwrLocally Weighted Quantile Regression
qregsim1Changes in Distributions Implied by Quantile Regression...
qregsim2Machado-Mata Decomposition of Changes in Distributions
qregspivIV Estimator for the Spatial AR Quantile Model
repsaleRepeat Sales Estimation
repsaledataPreparation of a Repeat Sales Data Set
repsalefourierRepeat Sales Estimation using Fourier Expansions
repsaleqregQuantile Repeat Sales Estimation
sarmlSpatial AR Maximum-Likelihood Estimation
semipSemi-Parametric Regression
smooth12Univariate or Bivariate Interpolation
splogitLinearized GMM spatial logit
spprobitLinearized GMM spatial probit
spprobitmlMaximum Likelihood Estimation of a Spatial Probit Model
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