loadings.jack.plot: Plot loadings and their associated confidence intervals.

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A function to plot the loadings and confidence intervals resulting from fitting a PPCA model or a PPCCA model to metabolomic data.





An object resulting from fitting a PPCA model or a PPCCA model.


The function produces a plot of those loadings on the first principal component which are significantly different from zero, and higher than a user specified cutoff point. Error bars associated with the estimates, derived using the jackknife, are also plotted.


Nyamundanda Gift, Isobel Claire Gormley and Lorraine Brennan


Nyamundanda, G., Gormley, I.C. and Brennan, L. (2010) Probabilistic principal components analysis for metabolomic data. Technical report. University College Dublin, Ireland.

See Also

ppca.metabol.jack, ppcca.metabol.jack

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