ht: Function to plot a heatmap of BIC values.

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Function to plot a heat map of BIC values where lighter colours indicate larger values and optimal models. A black cross indicates the optimal model.

The function is a modified version of heatmap.


ht(x, Rowv = NULL, Colv = if (symm) "Rowv" else NULL, distfun = dist, hclustfun = hclust, reorderfun = function(d, w) reorder(d, w), add.expr, symm = FALSE, revC = identical(Colv, "Rowv"), scale = c("row", "column", "none"), na.rm = FALSE, margins = c(5, 5), ColSideColors, RowSideColors, cexRow = 1, cexCol = 1, labRow = NULL, labCol = NULL, main = NULL, xlab = NULL, ylab = NULL, keep.dendro = FALSE, verbose = getOption("verbose"), q, g)


See the help file for heatmap.


This function is used internally in mppca.metabol.


See the help file for heatmap.


An internal function.


Nyamundanda Gift, Isobel Claire Gormley and Lorraine Brennan


Nyamundanda, G., Gormley, I.C. and Brennan, L. (2010) Probabilistic principal components analysis for metabolomic data. Technical report. University College Dublin, Ireland.

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