Momocs: Morphometrics using R

A complete toolkit for morphometrics, from data extraction to multivariate analyses. Most common 2D morphometrics approaches are included: outlines, open outlines, configurations of landmarks, traditional morphometrics, and facilities for data preparation, manipulation and visualization with a consistent grammar throughout. Momocs allows reproducible, complex morphometric analyses, paves the way for a pure open-source workflow in R, and other morphometrics approaches should be easy to plug in, or develop from, on top of this canvas.

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AuthorVincent Bonhomme [aut, cre], Julien Claude [aut]
Date of publication2017-04-17 14:48:36 UTC
MaintainerVincent Bonhomme <>
LicenseGPL-2 | GPL-3

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Man pages

a2l: Converts an array of coordinates to a list of matrices

a2m: Converts an array of coordinates to a matrix

add_ldk: Adds new landmarks on Out and Opn objects

arrange: Arranges (ala dplyr) on Momocs objects

as_df: Converts Momocs objects to data.frames

as.Out: Convert an OutCoe object into an Out object

at_least: Retains group with at least a certain number of individuals

bezier: Calculates Bezier coefficients from a shape

bezier_i: Calculates a shape from Bezier coefficients

bind_db: Binds with a database

boxplot.OutCoe: Boxplot of morphometric coefficients

boxplot.PCA: Boxplot on PCA objects

breed: Jitters Coe (and others) objects

calibrate_deviations: Quantitative calibration, through deviations, for Out and Opn...

calibrate_harmonicpower: Quantitative calibration, through harmonic power, for Out and...

calibrate_r2: Quantitative r2 calibration for Opn objects

calibrate_reconstructions: Calibrate using reconstructed shapes

chc2Out: Converts chain-coded coordinates to Out object

chc2pix: Converts chain-coded coordinates to (x; y) coordinates

chop: Chops (rough slicing) Momocs objects

classify: Classify using LDA

CLUST: Hierarchical clustering

Coe: Coe "super" class

coeff_rearrange: Rearrange a matrix of (typically Fourier) coefficients

coeff_sel: Helps to select a given number of harmonics from a numerical...

coeff_split: Converts a numerical description of harmonic coefficients to...

color_palettes: Some color palettes

colors_transp: Transparency helpers and palettes

combine: Combines Momocs objects

conf_ell: Confidence ellipses

Coo: Coo "super" class

coo_align: Aligns coordinates

coo_aligncalliper: Aligns shapes along their 'calliper length'

coo_alignminradius: Aligns shapes using their shortest radius

coo_alignxax: Aligns shapes along the x-axis

coo_area: Calculates the area of a shape

coo_arrows: Plots (lollipop) differences between two configurations

coo_baseline: Register new baselines

coo_bookstein: Register Bookstein's coordinates

coo_boundingbox: Calculates coordinates of the bounding box

coo_calliper: Calculates the calliper length

coo_centdist: Returns the distance between everypoints and the centroid

coo_center: Centers coordinates

coo_centpos: Calculate centroid coordinates

coo_centsize: Calculates centroid size

coo_check: Checks shapes

coo_chull: Calculates the convex hull of a shape

coo_circularity: Calculates the circularity of a shape

coo_circularityharalick: Calculates the Haralick's circularity of a shape

coo_circularitynorm: Calculates the 'normalized' circularity of a shape

coo_close: Closes/uncloses shapes

coo_convexity: Calculates the convexity of a shape

coo_down: coo_down —- Retains coordinates with negative y-coordinates

coo_draw: Adds a shape to the current plot

coo_dxy: Calculate abscissa and ordinate on a shape

coo_eccentricityboundingbox: Calculates the eccentricity (bounding box) of a shape

coo_eccentricityeigen: Calculates the eccentricity (using eigenvalues) of a shape

coo_elongation: Calculates the elongation of a shape

coo_extract: Extract coordinates from a shape

coo_flip: Flips shapes

coo_force2close: Forces shapes to close

coo_interpolate: Interpolates coordinates

coo_jitter: Jitters shapes

coo_ldk: Defines landmarks interactively

coo_left: Retains coordinates with negative x-coordinates

coo_length: Calculates the length of a shape

coo_listpanel: Plots sets of shapes.

coo_lolli: Plots (lollipop) differences between two configurations

coo_lw: Calculates length and width of a shape

coo_nb: Counts coordinates

coo_oscillo: Momocs' 'oscilloscope' for Fourier-based approaches

coo_perim: Calculates the perimeter

coo_perimcum: Calculates the cumulative chordal distance along a shape.

coo_perimpts: Calculates the chordal distance along a shape.

coo_plot: Plots a single shape

coo_rectangularity: Calculates the rectangularity of a shape

coo_rectilinearity: Calculates the rectilinearity of a shape

coo_rev: Reverses coordinates

coo_right: Retains coordinates with positive x-coordinates

coo_rotate: Rotates coordinates

coo_rotatecenter: Rotates shapes with a custom center

coo_ruban: Plots differences as (colored) segments aka a ruban

coo_sample: Sample coordinates (among points)

coo_samplerr: Samples coordinates (regular radius)

coo_scale: Scales coordinates

coo_scalexy: Shrinks coordinates in one direction

coo_shear: Shears shapes

coo_slice: Slices shapes between successive coordinates

coo_slide: Slides coordinates

coo_slidedirection: Slides coordinates in a particular direction

coo_slidegap: Slides coordinates using the widest gap

coo_smooth: Smoothes coordinates

coo_smoothcurve: Smoothes coordinates on curves

coo_solidity: Calculates the solidity of a shape

coo_tangle: Calculates the tangent angle along the perimeter of a shape

coo_template: 'Templates' shapes

coo_theta3: Calculate the angle formed by three (x; y) coordinates

coo_thetapts: Calculates the angle of every edge of a shape

coo_trans: Translates coordinates

coo_trim: Trims both ends coordinates from shape

coo_trimbottom: Trims bottom coordinates from shape

coo_trimtop: Trims top coordinates from shape

coo_up: Retains coordinates with positive y-coordinates

coo_width: Calculates the width of a shape

d: A wrapper to calculates euclidean distances between two...

data_apodemus: Data: Outline coordinates of Apodemus (wood mouse) mandibles

data_bot: Data: Outline coordinates of beer and whisky bottles.

data_chaff: Data: Landmark and semilandmark coordinates on cereal glumes

data_charring: Data: Outline coordinates from an experimental charring on...

data_flower: Data: Measurement of iris flowers

data_hearts: Data: Outline coordinates of hand-drawn hearts

data_molars: Data: Outline coordinates of 360 molars

data_mosquito: Data: Outline coordinates of mosquito wings.

data_mouse: Data: Outline coordinates of mouse molars

data_oak: Data: Configuration of landmarks of oak leaves

data_olea: Data: Outline coordinates of olive seeds open outlines.

data_shapes: Data: Outline coordinates of various shapes

data_trilo: Data: Outline coordinates of cephalic outlines of trilobite

data_wings: Data: Landmarks coordinates of mosquito wings

def_ldk: Defines new landmarks on Out and Opn objects

def_links: Defines links between landmarks

def_slidings: Defines sliding landmarks matrix

dfourier: Discrete cosinus transform

dfourier_i: Investe discrete cosinus transform

dfourier_shape: Calculates and draws 'dfourier' shapes

dissolve: Dissolves Coe objects

ed: Calculates euclidean distance between two points.

edi: Calculates euclidean intermediate between two points.

edm: Calculates euclidean distance every pairs of points in two...

edm_nearest: Calculates the shortest euclidean distance found for every...

efourier: Elliptical Fourier transform

efourier_i: Inverse elliptical Fourier transform

efourier_norm: Normalizes harmonic coefficients.

efourier_shape: Calculates and draw 'efourier' shapes.

export: Exports Coe objects and shapes

fgProcrustes: Full Generalized Procrustes alignment between shapes

fgsProcrustes: Full Generalized Procrustes alignment between shapes with...

filter: Filters (ala dplyr) on Momocs objects

flip_PCaxes: Flips PCA axes

fProcrustes: Full Procrustes alignment between two shapes

get_chull_area: Calculates convex hull area/volume of PCA scores

get_ldk: Retrieves landmarks coordinates

get_pairs: Get paired individual on a Coe, PCA or LDA objects

get_slidings: Extracts sliding landmarks coordinates

harm.contrib: Harmonic contribution to shape

harm_pow: Calculates harmonic power given a list from e/t/rfourier

hist.OutCoe: Histogram of morphometric coefficients

img_plot: Plots a .jpg image

import_Conte: Extracts outlines coordinates from an image silhouette

import_jpg: Extracts outline coordinates from multiple .jpg files

import_jpg1: Extracts outline coordinates from a single .jpg file

import_StereoMorph: Imports files creates by StereoMorph into Momocs

import_tps: Imports a tps file

import_txt: Imports coordinates from a .txt file

is: Various class/component testers

is_clockwise: Tests if shapes are developping clockwise or anticlockwise

is_closed: Tests if shapes are closed

is_equallyspacedradii: Tests if coordinates likely have equally spaced radii


l2a: Converts a list of coordinates to an array of coordinates

l2m: Converts a list of coordinates to a matrix of coordinates.

LDA: Linear Discriminant Analysis on Coe objects

Ldk: Builds an Ldk object

ldk_check: Checks 'ldk' shapes

ldk_chull: Draws convex hulls around landmark positions

ldk_confell: Draws confidence ellipses for landmark positions

ldk_contour: Draws kernel density contours around landmark

ldk_labels: Add landmarks labels

ldk_links: Draws links between landmarks

lf_structure: Extracts structure from filenames

links_all: Creates links (all pariwise combinations) between landmarks

links_delaunay: Creates links (Delaunay triangulation) between landmarks

m2a: Converts a matrix of coordinates to an array of coordinates

m2d: Converts a matrix of coordinates to a data.frame

m2l: Converts a matrix of coordinates to a list of coordinates.

m2ll: Converts a matrix of coordinates into a list of matrices

MANOVA: Multivariate analysis of (co)variance on Coe objects

MANOVA_PW: Pairwise Multivariate analyses of variance

measure: Measures shape descriptors

Momocs: Momocs

Momocs_help: Browse Momocs online doc

Momocs_lastversion: Install and load the last version of Momocs

Momocs_version: Get Momocs version

mshapes: Mean shape calculation for Coo, Coe, etc.

mutate: Mutates (ala dplyr) on Momocs objects

nef2Coe: Imports .nef to Coe objects

npoly: Calculate natural polynomial fits on open outlines

Ntable: Plots confusion matrix of sample sizes within $fac

ntsrow2Coo: Imports .nts to Coo objects

Opn: Builds an Opn object

OpnCoe: Builds an OpnCoe object

opoly: Calculate orthogonal polynomial fits on open outlines

Out: Builds an Out object

OutCoe: Builds an OutCoe object

panel2: Family picture of shapes (ggplot2)

panel.Coo: Family picture of shapes

PCA: Principal component analysis on Coe objects

PCcontrib: Shape variation along PC axes

perm: Permutes and breed Coe (and others) objects

pix2chc: Converts (x; y) coordinates to chaincoded coordinates

plot2.PCA: Plots Principal Component Analysis ala ggplot2

plot3.PCA: #' @describeIn plot.PCA #' @export mplot <- plot.PCA Plots a...

plot.Coo: Graphical inspection of shapes

plot_CV: Plots a cross-validation table as an heatmap

plot_CV2: Plots a cross-correlation table

plot_devsegments: Draws colored segments from a matrix of coordinates.

plot.LDA: Plots Linear Discriminant Analysis

plot_mshapes: Pairwise comparison of a list of shapes

plot.PCA: Plots Principal Component Analysis

poly_i: Calculates shape from a polynomial model

pos.shapes: Calculates nice positions on a plane for drawing shapes

pProcrustes: Partial Procrustes alignment between two shapes

Ptolemy: Ptolemaic ellipses and illustration of efourier

reexports: Objects exported from other packages

reLDA: "Redo" a LDA on new data

rename: Renames (ala dplyr) on Momocs objects

rePCA: "Redo" a PCA on a new Coe

rescale: Rescale coordinates from pixels to real length units

rfourier: Radii variation Fourier transform (equally spaced radii)

rfourier_i: Inverse radii variation Fourier transform

rfourier_shape: Calculates and draw 'rfourier' shapes.

rm_asym: Removes asymmetric and symmetric variation on OutCoe objects

rm_harm: Removes harmonics from Coe objects

rm_uncomplete: Removes shapes with incomplete slices

rw_fac: Renames levels on Momocs objects

sample_frac: Samples a fraction of shapes in Momocs objects

sample_n: Samples n shapes on Momocs objects

scree: Methods for PCA eigen values

select: Selects (ala dplyr) on Momocs objects

sfourier: Radii variation Fourier transform (equally spaced curvilinear...

sfourier_i: Inverse radii variation Fourier transform

sfourier_shape: Calculates and draw 'sfourier' shapes.

slice: Slices (ala dplyr) on Momocs objects

slidings_scheme: Extracts partitions of sliding coordinates

stack2: Family picture of shapes (ggplot2)

stack.Coo: Family picture of shapes

subset: Subsets on Momocs objects

symmetry: Calcuates symmetry indices on OutCoe objects

table: Cross-tabulates objects

tfourier: Tangent angle Fourier transform

tfourier_i: Inverse tangent angle Fourier transform

tfourier_shape: Calculates and draws 'tfourier' shapes.

tie_jpg_txt: Binds .jpg outlines from .txt landmarks taken on them

tps2coo: Reads a single tps-like shape as lines

tps2d: Thin Plate Splines for 2D data

tps_arr: Deformation 'vector field' using Thin Plate Splines

tps_grid: Deformation grids using Thin Plate Splines

tps_iso: Deformation isolines using Thin Plate Splines.

tps_raw: Vanilla Thin Plate Splines

TraCoe: Traditional morphometrics class

transmute: Transmutes (ala dplyr) on Momocs objects

truss: Truss measurement

validate: Validates Coo objects

vecs_param: Some vector utilities.

which_out: Identify outliers


\%<>\% Man page
\%>\% Man page
\%$\% Man page
a2l Man page
a2m Man page
add_ldk Man page
apodemus Man page
arrange Man page
as_df Man page
as.Out Man page
as.PCA Man page
at_least Man page
bezier Man page
bezier_i Man page
bind_db Man page
bot Man page
boxplot.Coe Man page
boxplot.OutCoe Man page
boxplot.PCA Man page
breed Man page
breed.Coe Man page
breed.default Man page
calibrate_deviations Man page
calibrate_harmonicpower Man page
calibrate_r2 Man page
calibrate_reconstructions Man page
chaff Man page
charring Man page
chc2Out Man page
chc2pix Man page
chop Man page
classify Man page
CLUST Man page
CLUST.default Man page
Coe Man page
coeff_rearrange Man page
coeff_sel Man page
coeff_split Man page
col_alpha Man page
col_autumn Man page
col_black Man page
col_bw Man page
col_cold Man page
col_gallus Man page
col_grey Man page
col_heat Man page
col_hot Man page
col_india Man page
col_qual Man page
col_sari Man page
col_solarized Man page
col_spring Man page
col_summer Man page
col_summer2 Man page
col_transp Man page
combine Man page
conf_ell Man page
Coo Man page
coo_align Man page
coo_aligncalliper Man page
coo_alignminradius Man page
coo_alignxax Man page
coo_area Man page
coo_arrows Man page
coo_baseline Man page
coo_bookstein Man page
coo_boundingbox Man page
coo_calliper Man page
coo_centdist Man page
coo_center Man page
coo_centpos Man page
coo_centre Man page
coo_centsize Man page
coo_check Man page
coo_chull Man page
coo_circularity Man page
coo_circularityharalick Man page
coo_circularitynorm Man page
coo_close Man page
coo_compactness Man page
coo_convexity Man page
coo_down Man page
coo_draw Man page
coo_dxy Man page
coo_eccentricityboundingbox Man page
coo_eccentricityeigen Man page
coo_elongation Man page
coo_extract Man page
coo_flipx Man page
coo_flipy Man page
coo_force2close Man page
coo_interpolate Man page
coo_jitter Man page
coo_ldk Man page
coo_left Man page
coo_length Man page
coo_listpanel Man page
coo_lolli Man page
coo_lw Man page
coo_nb Man page
coo_oscillo Man page
coo_perim Man page
coo_perimcum Man page
coo_perimpts Man page
coo_plot Man page
coo_plot.default Man page
coo_rectangularity Man page
coo_rectilinearity Man page
coo_rev Man page
coo_right Man page
coo_rotate Man page
coo_rotatecenter Man page
coo_ruban Man page
coo_sample Man page
coo_samplerr Man page
coo_scale Man page
coo_scalex Man page
coo_scaley Man page
coo_shapefactor Man page
coo_shearx Man page
coo_sheary Man page
coo_slice Man page
coo_slide Man page
coo_slidedirection Man page
coo_slidegap Man page
coo_smooth Man page
coo_smoothcurve Man page
coo_solidity Man page
coo_tangle Man page
coo_template Man page
coo_theta3 Man page
coo_thetapts Man page
coo_trans Man page
coo_trim Man page
coo_trimbottom Man page
coo_trimtop Man page
coo_unclose Man page
coo_up Man page
coo_width Man page
d Man page
def_ldk Man page
def_links Man page
def_slidings Man page
dfourier Man page
dfourier.Coo Man page
dfourier.default Man page
dfourier_i Man page
dfourier.Opn Man page
dfourier_shape Man page
dissolve Man page
ed Man page
edi Man page
edm Man page
edm_nearest Man page
efourier Man page
efourier.default Man page
efourier_i Man page
efourier_norm Man page
efourier.Out Man page
efourier_shape Man page
export Man page
fgProcrustes Man page
fgsProcrustes Man page
filter Man page
flip_PCaxes Man page
flower Man page
fProcrustes Man page
get_chull_area Man page
get_chull_volume Man page
get_ldk Man page
get_pairs Man page
get_slidings Man page
harm_pow Man page
hcontrib Man page
hcontrib.OutCoe Man page
hearts Man page
hist.Coe Man page
hist.OutCoe Man page
img_plot Man page
img_plot0 Man page
import_Conte Man page
import_jpg Man page
import_jpg1 Man page
import_StereoMorph_curve Man page
import_StereoMorph_curve1 Man page
import_StereoMorph_ldk Man page
import_StereoMorph_ldk1 Man page
import_tps Man page
import_txt Man page
is Man page
is_anticlockwise Man page
is_clockwise Man page
is_closed Man page
is.Coe Man page
is.Coo Man page
is_equallyspacedradii Man page
is.fac Man page
is.LDA Man page
is.ldk Man page
is.Ldk Man page
is.LdkCoe Man page
is.links Man page
is_open Man page
is.Opn Man page
is.OpnCoe Man page
is.Out Man page
is.OutCoe Man page
is.PCA Man page
is.shp Man page
is.slidings Man page
is.TraCoe Man page
KMEANS Man page
l2a Man page
l2m Man page
LDA Man page
LDA.default Man page
LDA.PCA Man page
Ldk Man page
ldk_check Man page
ldk_chull Man page
ldk_confell Man page
ldk_contour Man page
ldk_labels Man page
ldk_links Man page
ldk_plot Man page
lf_structure Man page
links_all Man page
links_delaunay Man page
m2a Man page
m2d Man page
m2l Man page
m2ll Man page
MANOVA Man page
MANOVA.OpnCoe Man page
MANOVA.OutCoe Man page
MANOVA_PW Man page
measure Man page
molars Man page
Momocs Man page
Momocs_help Man page
Momocs_lastversion Man page
Momocs-package Man page
Momocs_version Man page
mosquito Man page
mouse Man page
mshapes Man page
MSHAPES Man page
mshapes.array Man page
mshapes.Ldk Man page
mshapes.LdkCoe Man page
mshapes.list Man page
mshapes.OpnCoe Man page
mshapes.OutCoe Man page
mshapes.PCA Man page
mutate Man page
nef2Coe Man page
npoly Man page
npoly.default Man page
npoly_i Man page
npoly.Opn Man page
Ntable Man page
ntscol2Coo Man page
ntsrow2Coo Man page
oak Man page
olea Man page
Opn Man page
OpnCoe Man page
opoly Man page
opoly.default Man page
opoly_i Man page
opoly.Opn Man page
Out Man page
OutCoe Man page
Palettes Man page
panel Man page
panel2 Man page
panel.Coo Man page
panel.Ldk Man page
panel.Opn Man page
panel.Out Man page
panel.OutCoe Man page
PCA Man page
PCA.default Man page
PCA.LdkCoe Man page
PCA.OpnCoe Man page
PCA.OutCoe Man page
PCA.TraCoe Man page
PCcontrib Man page
PCcontrib.PCA Man page
perm Man page
perm.Coe Man page
perm.default Man page
pix2chc Man page
plot2 Man page
plot2.PCA Man page
plot3 Man page
plot3.PCA Man page
plot.Coo Man page
plot_CV Man page
plot_CV2 Man page
plot_CV2.LDA Man page
plot_CV2.table Man page
plot_CV.default Man page
plot_CV.LDA Man page
plot_devsegments Man page
plot.LDA Man page
plot_mshapes Man page
plot.PCA Man page
pos.shapes Man page
pProcrustes Man page
Ptolemy Man page
reexports Man page
reLDA Man page
reLDA.Coe Man page
reLDA.default Man page
reLDA.PCA Man page
rename Man page
rePCA Man page
rescale Man page
rfourier Man page
rfourier.default Man page
rfourier_i Man page
rfourier.Out Man page
rfourier_shape Man page
rm_asym Man page
rm_asym.default Man page
rm_asym.OutCoe Man page
rm_harm Man page
rm_sym Man page
rm_sym.default Man page
rm_sym.OutCoe Man page
rm_uncomplete Man page
rw_fac Man page
rw_rule Man page
sample_frac Man page
sample_n Man page
scree Man page
scree.LDA Man page
scree_min Man page
scree.PCA Man page
scree_plot Man page
select Man page
sfourier Man page
sfourier.default Man page
sfourier_i Man page
sfourier.Out Man page
sfourier_shape Man page
shapes Man page
slice Man page
slidings_scheme Man page
stack2 Man page
stack.Coo Man page
stack.Ldk Man page
subset.Coe Man page
subset.Coo Man page
subset.PCA Man page
symmetry Man page
\%T>\% Man page
table Man page
table.Coe Man page
table.Coo Man page
table.default Man page
table.LDA Man page
table.PCA Man page
tfourier Man page
tfourier.default Man page
tfourier_i Man page
tfourier.Out Man page
tfourier_shape Man page
tie_jpg_txt Man page
tps2coo Man page
tps2d Man page
tps_apply Man page
tps_arr Man page
tps_grid Man page
tps_iso Man page
tps_raw Man page
TraCoe Man page
transmute Man page
trilo Man page
truss Man page
validate Man page
vecs_param Man page
which_out Man page
wings Man page


tests/testthat/test-coo_utilities.R tests/testthat/test-nse.R tests/testthat/test-babel.R tests/testthat/test-classes.R
R/mult-Manova.R R/cl-farming.R R/core-opn-bezier.R R/mult-mshapes.R R/gr-morphospaces2.R R/core-out-efourier.R R/cl-def-CooCoe.R R/gr-PCA.R R/coo-shapedescriptors.R R/gr-Coe.R R/mult-LDA.R R/core-opn-polynomials.R R/cl-def-Opn.R R/core-premodern.R R/cl-def-Out.R R/pkg-datasets.R R/gr-g.R R/core-out-tfourier.R R/pkg-misc.R R/gr-meanshapes.R R/mult-KMEANS.R R/babel-export.R R/cl-def-TraCoe.R R/cl-validate.R R/core-opn-dct.R R/mult-PCA.R R/Momocs-package.R R/core-ldk-procrustes.R R/core-outopn-calibrate.R R/gr-Coo.R R/gr-LDA.R R/gr-morphospaces.R R/coo-utilities.R R/gr-PCA2.R R/gr-themes.R R/gr-TPS.R R/cl-def-Ldk.R R/core-out-sfourier.R R/babel-bridges.R R/coo-ldk-utilities.R R/cl-utilities.R R/babel-import.R R/cl-handling.R R/gr-domesticplotters.R R/core-out-rfourier.R R/gr-misc.R R/gr-layers.R R/pkg-nse.R R/mult-clust.R
man/dissolve.Rd man/ldk_confell.Rd man/coo_trimtop.Rd man/rm_uncomplete.Rd man/opoly.Rd man/coo_smooth.Rd man/coo_centsize.Rd man/coo_thetapts.Rd man/coo_rectilinearity.Rd man/plot.Coo.Rd man/panel.Coo.Rd man/coo_ruban.Rd man/a2m.Rd man/reLDA.Rd man/PCcontrib.Rd man/rm_harm.Rd man/sample_frac.Rd man/data_mouse.Rd man/boxplot.OutCoe.Rd man/breed.Rd man/tps2d.Rd man/coo_check.Rd man/def_ldk.Rd man/CLUST.Rd man/tps2coo.Rd man/Out.Rd man/coo_down.Rd man/coo_up.Rd man/boxplot.PCA.Rd man/tps_grid.Rd man/slidings_scheme.Rd man/table.Rd man/data_mosquito.Rd man/Momocs_lastversion.Rd man/data_olea.Rd man/stack2.Rd man/coo_centpos.Rd man/tfourier_shape.Rd man/transmute.Rd man/chc2pix.Rd man/is_clockwise.Rd man/fProcrustes.Rd man/at_least.Rd man/import_jpg1.Rd man/data_wings.Rd man/combine.Rd man/coo_lolli.Rd man/coo_alignxax.Rd man/as_df.Rd man/links_delaunay.Rd man/def_links.Rd man/ldk_chull.Rd man/efourier.Rd man/add_ldk.Rd man/npoly.Rd man/coo_eccentricityeigen.Rd man/def_slidings.Rd man/import_txt.Rd man/data_apodemus.Rd man/dfourier.Rd man/tps_iso.Rd man/panel2.Rd man/Momocs_version.Rd man/Opn.Rd man/validate.Rd man/coo_flip.Rd man/rfourier_i.Rd man/get_pairs.Rd man/sfourier.Rd man/mutate.Rd man/coo_circularitynorm.Rd man/a2l.Rd man/edm.Rd man/bezier_i.Rd man/coo_shear.Rd man/l2m.Rd man/get_chull_area.Rd man/coo_perim.Rd man/OutCoe.Rd man/import_StereoMorph.Rd man/data_charring.Rd man/coo_slidegap.Rd man/coo_interpolate.Rd man/dfourier_i.Rd man/coo_plot.Rd man/plot_devsegments.Rd man/coo_left.Rd man/data_shapes.Rd man/Ptolemy.Rd man/Momocs_help.Rd man/MANOVA_PW.Rd man/coo_slide.Rd man/harm.contrib.Rd man/coo_slice.Rd man/symmetry.Rd man/ldk_check.Rd man/Ntable.Rd man/chc2Out.Rd man/coo_trim.Rd man/coo_jitter.Rd man/poly_i.Rd man/color_palettes.Rd man/classify.Rd man/measure.Rd man/coo_right.Rd man/ldk_contour.Rd man/KMEANS.Rd man/coo_chull.Rd man/coo_align.Rd man/fgProcrustes.Rd man/lf_structure.Rd man/tfourier.Rd man/links_all.Rd man/img_plot.Rd man/OpnCoe.Rd man/coo_baseline.Rd man/export.Rd man/coo_calliper.Rd man/as.Out.Rd man/vecs_param.Rd man/Coe.Rd man/plot_CV.Rd man/get_slidings.Rd man/Ldk.Rd man/rePCA.Rd man/sfourier_shape.Rd man/import_jpg.Rd man/coo_perimpts.Rd man/ldk_labels.Rd man/plot2.PCA.Rd man/coo_sample.Rd man/coo_aligncalliper.Rd man/efourier_norm.Rd man/sfourier_i.Rd man/coo_center.Rd man/tps_arr.Rd man/coeff_sel.Rd man/coo_ldk.Rd man/conf_ell.Rd man/d.Rd man/import_tps.Rd man/coo_boundingbox.Rd man/m2d.Rd man/data_molars.Rd man/coo_template.Rd man/dfourier_shape.Rd man/coo_oscillo.Rd man/pix2chc.Rd man/mshapes.Rd man/coo_extract.Rd man/data_trilo.Rd man/coo_rotatecenter.Rd man/get_ldk.Rd man/reexports.Rd man/stack.Coo.Rd man/data_flower.Rd man/coo_convexity.Rd man/coo_rev.Rd man/plot.PCA.Rd man/calibrate_deviations.Rd man/rfourier.Rd man/coo_centdist.Rd man/tfourier_i.Rd man/arrange.Rd man/perm.Rd man/rename.Rd man/fgsProcrustes.Rd man/MANOVA.Rd man/coo_lw.Rd man/calibrate_harmonicpower.Rd man/nef2Coe.Rd man/coo_rotate.Rd man/TraCoe.Rd man/harm_pow.Rd man/plot_CV2.Rd man/data_chaff.Rd man/coo_trans.Rd man/data_hearts.Rd man/efourier_i.Rd man/rescale.Rd man/ldk_links.Rd man/which_out.Rd man/coo_trimbottom.Rd man/coeff_split.Rd man/coo_perimcum.Rd man/coo_area.Rd man/coo_circularityharalick.Rd man/coo_slidedirection.Rd man/PCA.Rd man/rfourier_shape.Rd man/data_oak.Rd man/bezier.Rd man/scree.Rd man/truss.Rd man/calibrate_r2.Rd man/flip_PCaxes.Rd man/is.Rd man/coo_nb.Rd man/coo_samplerr.Rd man/m2l.Rd man/rw_fac.Rd man/coo_arrows.Rd man/filter.Rd man/edi.Rd man/chop.Rd man/coo_alignminradius.Rd man/plot.LDA.Rd man/coo_solidity.Rd man/sample_n.Rd man/coo_eccentricityboundingbox.Rd man/l2a.Rd man/coo_listpanel.Rd man/coo_tangle.Rd man/slice.Rd man/coo_dxy.Rd man/plot3.PCA.Rd man/coo_width.Rd man/Momocs.Rd man/hist.OutCoe.Rd man/tie_jpg_txt.Rd man/coo_force2close.Rd man/plot_mshapes.Rd man/efourier_shape.Rd man/pProcrustes.Rd man/calibrate_reconstructions.Rd man/colors_transp.Rd man/rm_asym.Rd man/data_bot.Rd man/m2ll.Rd man/ed.Rd man/pos.shapes.Rd man/coo_draw.Rd man/bind_db.Rd man/coeff_rearrange.Rd man/Coo.Rd man/coo_scale.Rd man/coo_theta3.Rd man/tps_raw.Rd man/m2a.Rd man/coo_rectangularity.Rd man/edm_nearest.Rd man/coo_elongation.Rd man/import_Conte.Rd man/LDA.Rd man/coo_smoothcurve.Rd man/subset.Rd man/coo_bookstein.Rd man/coo_circularity.Rd man/coo_scalexy.Rd man/is_equallyspacedradii.Rd man/select.Rd man/coo_length.Rd man/is_closed.Rd man/ntsrow2Coo.Rd man/coo_close.Rd
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