Man pages for MonoPoly
Functions to Fit Monotone Polynomials

coef.monpolExtract Model Coefficients
curvPolEvaluating the Curvature of Polynomials
evalPolEvaluating Polynomials
fitted.monpolExtract Model Fitted Values
ismonotoneCheck whether a polynomial is monotone
model.matrix.monpolConstruct Design Matrices
monpolMonotone Polynomials
monpol.controlControl the Iterations in monpol
monpol.fitMonotone Polynomials
predict.monpolPredicting from Monotone Polynomial Fits
print.monpolPrinting Monotone Polynomials
residuals.monpolExtract Model Residuals
w0Simulated w0 data used in Murray et al. (2013)
w2Simulated w2 data used in Murray et al. (2013)
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