MortalitySmooth: Smoothing and Forecasting Poisson Counts with P-Splines

Smoothing one- and two-dimensional Poisson counts with P-splines specifically tailored to mortality data. Extra-Poisson variation can be accounted as well as forecasting. Collection of mortality data and a specific function for selecting those data by country, sex, age and years.

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AuthorCarlo G Camarda
Date of publication2015-02-18 11:45:57
MaintainerCarlo G Camarda <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

HMDdata: Population and Mortality Data

Mort1Dsmooth: Fit One-dimensional Poisson P-splines

Mort1Dsmooth_checker: Check Arguments for Function Mort1Dsmooth

Mort1Dsmooth_estimate: Estimate 1D P-splines for a given lambda

Mort1Dsmooth_optimize: Optimize a 1D Penalized-Poisson IWLS over smoothing...

Mort1Dsmooth_update: Update a 1D Penalized-Poisson Iteration

Mort2Dsmooth: Fit Two-dimensional Poisson P-splines

Mort2Dsmooth_checker: Check Arguments for Function Mort2Dsmooth

Mort2Dsmooth_estimate: Estimate 2D P-splines for two given lambdas

Mort2Dsmooth_optimize: Optimize a 2D Penalized-Poisson IWLS over smoothing...

Mort2Dsmooth_se: Compute a 2D standard errors

Mort2Dsmooth_update: Update a 2D Penalized-Poisson Iteration

MortalitySmooth-package: Smoothing Poisson counts with P-splines

MortSmooth_bbase: Construct B-spline basis

MortSmooth_BcoefB: Multiply a matrix (from a kronecker product) by a matrix

MortSmooth_BWB: Calculates the inner product of a matrix and a sparse weight...

MortSmooth_tpower: Truncated p-th Power Function

plot.HMDdata: Plot age and year specific demographic data

plot.Mort1Dsmooth: Plot of the Mort1Dsmooth outcomes

plot.Mort2Dsmooth: Plot of the Mort2Dsmooth outcomes

predict.Mort1Dsmooth: Predict Method for 1D P-splines Fits

predict.Mort2Dsmooth: Predict Method for 2D P-splines Fits

residuals.Mort1Dsmooth: Extract 1D P-splines Model Residuals

residuals.Mort2Dsmooth: Extract 2D P-splines Model Residuals

selectHMDdata: Selecting Data from the HMDdata Object

summary.Mort1Dsmooth: Summary for Mort1Dsmooth objects

summary.Mort2Dsmooth: Summary for Mort2Dsmooth objects


HMDdata Man page
Mort1Dsmooth Man page
Mort1Dsmooth_checker Man page
Mort1Dsmooth_estimate Man page
Mort1Dsmooth_optimize Man page
Mort1Dsmooth_update Man page
Mort2Dsmooth Man page
Mort2Dsmooth_checker Man page
Mort2Dsmooth_estimate Man page
Mort2Dsmooth_optimize Man page
Mort2Dsmooth_se Man page
Mort2Dsmooth_update Man page
MortalitySmooth Man page
MortalitySmooth-package Man page
MortSmooth_bbase Man page
MortSmooth_BcoefB Man page
MortSmooth_BWB Man page
MortSmooth_tpower Man page
plot.HMDdata Man page
plot.Mort1Dsmooth Man page
plot.Mort2Dsmooth Man page
predict.Mort1Dsmooth Man page
predict.Mort2Dsmooth Man page
print.Mort1Dsmooth Man page
print.Mort2Dsmooth Man page
print.summary.Mort1Dsmooth Man page
print.summary.Mort2Dsmooth Man page
residuals.Mort1Dsmooth Man page
residuals.Mort2Dsmooth Man page
selectHMDdata Man page
summary.Mort1Dsmooth Man page
summary.Mort2Dsmooth Man page


R/MortSmooth_BWB.R R/MortSmooth_BcoefB.R R/Mort1Dsmooth.R R/Mort1Dsmooth_optimize.R R/MortSmooth_bbase.R R/summary.Mort1Dsmooth.R R/predict.Mort2Dsmooth.R R/Mort1Dsmooth_update.R R/Mort1Dsmooth_estimate.R R/print.summary.Mort2Dsmooth.R R/print.summary.Mort1Dsmooth.R R/plot.HMDdata.R R/residuals.Mort2Dsmooth.R R/plot.Mort1Dsmooth.R R/print.Mort2Dsmooth.R R/Mort2Dsmooth_optimize.R R/Mort2Dsmooth_estimate.R R/Mort2Dsmooth_checker.R R/Mort2Dsmooth_update.R R/print.Mort1Dsmooth.R R/Mort2Dsmooth_se.R R/MortSmooth_tpower.R R/Mort2Dsmooth.R R/plot.Mort2Dsmooth.R R/predict.Mort1Dsmooth.R R/Mort1Dsmooth_checker.R R/residuals.Mort1Dsmooth.R R/selectHMDdata.R R/summary.Mort2Dsmooth.R
man/Mort2Dsmooth_se.Rd man/MortSmooth_BWB.Rd man/Mort2Dsmooth_optimize.Rd man/Mort2Dsmooth_checker.Rd man/MortSmooth_tpower.Rd man/MortalitySmooth-package.Rd man/HMDdata.Rd man/Mort1Dsmooth_update.Rd man/MortSmooth_BcoefB.Rd man/predict.Mort1Dsmooth.Rd man/MortSmooth_bbase.Rd man/residuals.Mort1Dsmooth.Rd man/predict.Mort2Dsmooth.Rd man/summary.Mort2Dsmooth.Rd man/Mort1Dsmooth_checker.Rd man/residuals.Mort2Dsmooth.Rd man/plot.HMDdata.Rd man/Mort1Dsmooth_optimize.Rd man/Mort2Dsmooth_update.Rd man/selectHMDdata.Rd man/Mort1Dsmooth_estimate.Rd man/summary.Mort1Dsmooth.Rd man/plot.Mort2Dsmooth.Rd man/Mort2Dsmooth_estimate.Rd man/Mort2Dsmooth.Rd man/Mort1Dsmooth.Rd man/plot.Mort1Dsmooth.Rd

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